WTS: WTS (or trade for Aion Account) 2x EVE Online Accounts! 69.5mil and 21.8mil AND GIFT!

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    WTS my 2 EVE Online accounts. (Or will trade for Aion Account) The Aion account must have high level character with no negative issues and will need some sort of proof. About my characters: Character #1 69,537,280 SP 205 skills with 82 @ level 5. Caldari pilot who specializes in Amarr ships. Able to fly Paladin, Recons, HACs, HICS, Legion, Amarr Dread to name a few. Character has full set of +4s with repair and laser turrets implants. Has maxed Laser Turrets specs with all lvl 5 Gunnery support skills. Has 3 Gallente Starship Engineering Agents and 2 Mechanical Engineering Agents. Able to run lvl 4s with most Gallente Corps. Has a positive wallet and positive sec. Has a fully fitted Paladin and multiple interceptors to complete ALL level 4s. Character #2 21,832, 387 SP 94 skill with 33 @ level 5. Amarr pilot specializing in Industry/ Invention. Able to fly Hulk, Freighter, Orca. Invents mainly Ishtars (has COMPLETE BPO set for invention) Has full set of lvl 4s. If you are interested in purchasing these accounts, I will send you Limited-API to use on EVEMON so you can see the skills for yourself. I can take screenshots of assets if needed. As a free gift I will give you a 3rd account. This char has 70mil SP!!! Info: 70,021,367 SP 184 skills with [email protected] level 5 Able to fly Nighthawk as tanking ship, Gallente Carrier, and Gallente Dreadnaught to name a few. Has a fully fitted Nighthawk. Has 2.59mil SP in Leadership. Has +8mil SP in Drones with fighters and heavy drones at lvl 5!!! I am selling for lack of will to play EVE Online. I will sell all of this for just $700 US OBO. PM me if interested. Thanks.
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