WTS: WTS NA account, all champs, 300+ skins(including rares), 20 rune pages, most runes

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    Not really sure if it's worth it to sell, but I figured I'd see what the going rates are. The account has every champion, 20 rune pages, every rune that I have ever wanted, almost every non-rank related summon icon(minus santa baron) harrowing ward skins for the next year, and 300+ skins(only maybe one champ without a skin). These skins include every legendary skin, and every limited/legacy skin since Christmas of 2010(with the exception of maybe one or two, I'm not sure) as well as PAX TF, PAX Jax, Riot Singed, Championship Riven, Human Ryze, Silver Kayle and Pumpkin Head Fiddlesticks. The account has never been banned or been given a warning, has a very highly desired username(I personally know at least a few other people who were trying to get it when the summoner names were released) and is currently unranked(have not played any ranked games this season). It has a good win loss ratio, and has over 1000 wins. I have spent over $2500 on this account. Sorry to not post a price, but I have no concept of what this is worth. I can screenshare at any time if needed. Any offers? SKINS: Total: 319 Ahri: Dynasty Midnight Foxfire Akali: Crimson Nurse Bloodmoon Alistar: Golden Matador Longhorn Unchained Infernal Amumu: Pharaoh Emumu Re-Gifted Almost-Prom King Little Knight Sad Robot Anivia: Bird of Prey Noxus Hunter Hextech Annie: Goth Red Riding Annie in Wonderland Prom Queen Frostfire Reverse Annie FrankenTibbers Ashe: Sherwood forest Woad Queen Blitzcrank: Boom Boom Piltover Customs Blitzcrank Not Brand: Apocalyptic Vandal Cryocore Zombie Caitlyn: Resistance Sheriff Safari Arctic Cassopia: Desperada Siren Cho'Gath: Nightmare Gentleman Loch Ness Jurassic Battlecast Corki: Red Baron Hot Rod Urfrider Darius: Lord Diana: Dark Valkyrie Dr. Mundo: Toxic Mr. Mundoverse Coperate Executioner Draven: Soul Reaver Elise: Death Blossom Evelynn: Shadow Masquerade Tango Ezreal: Nottingham Frosted Explorer Pulsefire Fiddlesticks: Spooky Bandito Pumpkinhead Fiddle Me Timbers Surprise Party Dark Candy Fiora: Headmistress Fizz: Atlantean Tundra Fisherman Galio: Hextech Gatekeeper Gangplank: Spooky Sailor Toy Soldier Garen: Desert Trooper Comando Dreadknight Rugged Gragas: Scuba Hilbilly Santa Gragas Esq. Graves: Hired Gun Jailbreak Riot Hecarim: Headless Heimerdinger: Alien Invader Blast Zone Piltover Customs Snowmerdinger Irelia: Nightblade Janna: Hextech Frost Queen Victorious Jarvan: Commando Dragon Slayer Darkforge Warring Kingdoms Jax: Angler Pax Jaximus Temple Jayce: Full Metal Karma: Sun Goddess Sakura Karthus: Phantom Grim Reaper Pentakill Kassadin: Deep One Pre-void Harbinger Katarina: High Command Sandstorm Slay Belle Kayle: Unmasked Battleborn Judgement Silver Aether Wing Kennen: Swampmaster Karate Kennen M.D, Arctic Ops Kha'Zix: Mecha Kog'Maw: Caterpillar Sonoran Monarch Reindeer Lion Dance Deep Sea Jurassic LeBlanc: Prestigious Mistletoe Lee Sin: Traditional Acolyte Dragon Fist Leona: Valkyrie Defender Iron Solari Lulu: Wicked Bittersweet Lux: Spellthief Commando Malphite: Shamrock Coral Obsidian Marble Malzahar: Vizier Djinn Maokai: Charred Totemic Festive Haunted Master Yi: Assassin Chosen Master Ionian Headhunter Miss Fortune: Candy Cane Mordekaiser: Dragon Knight Pentakill Lord Mordekaiser Infernal Morgana: Sinful Succulence Blade Mistress Blackthorn Nami: Koi Nasus: Galactic Pharaoh Dreadknight Riot Nautilus: None Nidalee: Leopard Freanch Maid Pharaoh Bewitching Nocturne: Frozen Terror Void Ravager Haunting Eternum Nunu: Sasquatch Grungy Nunu Bot Olaf: Brolaf Pentakill Orianna: Sewn Chaos Pantheon: Myrmidon Full Metal Gaive Poppy: Noxus Blacksmith Ragdoll Battle Regalia Scarlet Hammer Ramus: Chrome Molten Freljord Ninja Renekton: Outback Bloodfury Rengar: None Riven: Redeemed Crimson Elite Battle Bunny Championship Rumble: Rumble in the Jungle Bilgerat Ryze: Tribal Professor Human Pirate Sejuani: None Shaco: Royal Nutcracko Workshop Asylum Masked Shen: Frozen Yellow Jacket Surgeon Blood Moon Warlord Shyvana: Ironscale Boneclaw Darkflame Singed: Riot Squad Hextech Surfer Mad Scientist Sion: Hextech Barbarian Lumberjack Sivir: Spectacular Bandit Pax Skarner: Sandscourge Earthrune Sona: Muse Pentakill Silent Night Arcade Guqin Soraka: Dryad Divine Swain: Northern Front Tyrant Syndra: None Talon: Renegade Crimson Elite Dragonblade Taric: Emerald Armor of the fifth age Bloodstone Teemo: Badger Astronaut Cottontail Super Teemo Recon Tresh: Deep Terror Tristana: Riot Girl Firefighter Buccaneer Guerrila Trundle: Junkyard Tryndamere: Highland King Viking Demonblade Sultan Twisted Fate: Jack of Hearts Magnificent Musketeer Pax Underworld Twitch: Kingpin Vandal Gangster Udyr: Primal Urgot: Crabgot Butcher Battlecast Varus: Blight Crystal Vayne: Vindicator Aristocrat Dragon Slayer Heartseeker Veigar: Greybeard Leprechaun Bad Santa Superb Villian Vi: Neon Strike Victor: Prototype Vladimir: Marquis Vandal Blood Lord Volibear: Thunder Lord Nothern Storm Warwick: Tundra Hunter Feral Firefang Hyena Big Bad Wukong: Volcanic Jade Dragon Xerath: Runeborn Battlecast Scortched Earth Xin Zhao: Commando Imperial Viscero Winged Hussar Yorick: Undertaker Pentakill Zed: None Ziggs: Mad scientist Snow Day Zilean: Groozy Time machine Zyra: Wildfire
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