WTS: WTS LoL account with 60 champs and 25 skins (Unranked)

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    Skins: Shadow Prince Malzahar Ionia Master Yi Nurse Akali Pharaoh Amumu Hextech Anivia Unchained Alistar Nightmare Chogath Tundra Fizz Frosted Ezreal Angler Jax Infernal Mordekaiser Traditional Lee Sin High Command Katarina Judgement kayle Abyssal Nautilus Frosted Nocturne French maid Nidalee Perseus Pantheon Ninja Rammus Royal Shaco Riot Tristana Jade Dragon Wukong Primal Udyr Count Vladimir Big Bad Warwick Diamond Takedowns and NORMAL Wins and platinum monster and minion kills. Includes 4424 IP, 384 RP, and a 10 win IP boost with 10 wins left. Hope you like it. Pm me for offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.