WTS: WTS LoL Account- 40 Skins, 109/112 Champions

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    Want to get rid of my league account, make serious offers. Aiming for 200$. I have 109 champions, with only 3 left to obtain. (Missing Thresh, Quinn, and Zac) The account has 2123 IP on it, with no RP available. The account is currently Silver3, and has a Silver frame from last season. I have 6 Rune Pages on this account as well as many runes to customize your sets. This account has 40 skins, including: Foxfire Ahri Crimson Akali Longhorn Alistar Pharoah Amumu Hextech Anivia Goth Annie Arctic Warfare Caitlyn Battle-Cast Prime Cho'Gath Lord Darius Masquerade Evelynn Nottingham Ezreal Fisherman Fizz Hired Gun Graves Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV Full Metal Jayce Traditional Karma Sandstorm Katarina Arctic Ops Kennen Acolyte Lee Sin Commando Lux Vizier Malzahar Mafia Miss Fortune Dragonknight Mordekaiser Leopard Nidalee Bladecraft Orianna Runewars Renekton Championship Riven Rumble in the Jungle Dark Crystal Ryze Yellow Jacket Shen Darkflame Shyvana Earthrune Skarner Bloodstone Taric Rocket Girl Tristana Primal Udyr Dragonslayer Vayne Scorched Earth Xerath Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao Pool Party Ziggs I am looking for 200$, I put a lot of money into this account, and these skins are worth a lot more than what I am asking. I can prove I have all of these with screenshare via , or whatever method you have. Add me on , Bajquiqui1
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.