[WTS] WTS LoL Acc 30 lvl with many extras 50 euro ! Contact fast !

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    WTS 30 lvl acc named iDeliany on nordic europe server !! 81 champions alphabetically: Ahri//Akali//Alistar//Amumu//Anivia//Annie//Ashe//Blitzcrank//Brand//Caitlyn//Cassiopeia//Cho'Gath//Dr.Mundo//Evelynn//Ezreal//Fiddlesticks//Fizz//Galio//Gankplank//Garen//Gragas//Graves//Heimerdinger//Irelia//Janna//Jax//Karma//Karthus//Kassadin//Katarina//Kayle//Kennen//Kog'Maw//Le Blanc//Lee Sin//Leona//Lux//Malphite//Malzahar//Master yi//Miss Fortune//Mordekaiser//Morgana//Nasus//Nidalee//Nocturne// Nunu//Olaf//Pantheon//Poppy//Rammus//Renekton//Riven//Ryze//Shaco//Shen//Shyvana//Singed//Sion//Sivir//Skarner//Sona//Soraka// Swain//Talon//Taric//Teemo//Tristana//Trundle//Tryndamere//TwistedFate//Twitch//Udyr//Vayne//Veigar//Viktor//Vladimir//Volibear// Warwick//Xin Zhao//Zilean !! Apart From that my Account Contains 24 skins: Stinger Akali//Crimson Akali// Blood Moon Akali//Unchained Alistar//Amethyst Ashe//Arctic Warfare Caitlyn//Officer Caitlyn //Mythic Cassiopeia//Spectral Fiddlesticks//Grim Reaper Karthus//Judgment Kayle//Deadly Kennen//Monarch Kog'Maw//Prestigious Le Blanc //Valkyrie Leona//Overlord Malzahar//Ravager Nocturne//Forsaken Olaf//Redeemed Riven//Battle Bunny Riven//Hextech Sion //Riot Girl Tristana//Big Bad Warwick//Tundra Hunter Warwick// And 3 Rune Pages: 1 for att dmg champions cointaining: +10 physical dmg//+3,2% att speed//+10 armor penetration//+6.1% crit dmg!! 1 for ap champions containing:8,5 magic penetration//-1,47% cooldowns//+19 ap at lvl18//+21 ap!! and 1 full crit dmg, that equals at +46%!!! you can comment under the post or pm me to give you my facebook or my e-mail to contact for more details!! Thnx for your time!!
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