WTS: WTS GODLY Cold Templar Lvl 73(Freeze Pulser) SC and Lvl 57 ranger and Lvl 54 Marauder

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    Been facerolling maps since lvl 66. Survivability is high with 6300+ armor and 75 all resist. 3k life and 2k mana Additional Account Highlights Andvarius ring = most valuable unique magic find ring in the game. Account includes a Lvl 54 marauder w/ godly mace (groundslam combo) and Lvl 57 ranger w/ godly set and dmg +1 stash (microtransactions) Frog pet (microtransactions) 2 Weapon effect (Color Lavender)(microtransactions) Rare items and gears to sell (good for 1 stash) Skill gems almost complete Rings and amulets w/ godly stats collection About my hp belt. I haven't seen a belt that has higher hp than mine. 120 hp!! My skill gem combo Main skill> Freezing pulse + lesser multiple projectile + faster casting + faster projectile + life leech Curse> Elemental weakness (quality +7) + Increased duration + Increased area of effect Auras> grace+ vitality + clarity + wrath + disciplined + anger (with reduced mana)+determination Totem skill> spell totem + ice spear (quality 10%) + added lightning + lesser muliple projectile Transaction Details. Paypal transaction only. The price is 160 $ or maybe trade for other game account! You can pm me here. Godly gear. That Skill gems collection. Flasks with all resist, movement speed, chaos, and armor. Plus the jewel collection you can't resist! Skill tree Currency orbs w/ 8 uniques
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.