WTS: WTS fully geared +10 lvl60 AUGMENT lvl2(guardian commender) PVP set SORC on NA!

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    This is for AION NA only! This is a trustable sale!! I am the original owner of this account. Please read description carefully. This ELYOS sorc comes to u with fully geared lvl60 augment lvl2 PVP set! (about which server this char is on, u have to contact me personally if u can show me how interested u really are!) +10 guardian captain's book /combined with TAHA tome, GS:3760 fire. +10 guardian commander's divine tunic +10 guardian commander's divine leggings +10 guardian commander's divine pauldrons +10 guardian commander's divine gloves +10 guardian commander's divine shoes Socketed with MA/MB manastonez. PVP Helm: lvl60 Karvo's Bandana lvl60 PVP accessories: Guardian Commander's Turquoise Necklace 2xGuardian Commander's Turquoise Earrings 2xGuardian Commander's Turquoise Ring 1xSiel's Ring of Magic(got this PVP ring from event, has better stats than the guardian commander's turquoise ring) Guardian commander's sash Another PVP set: EC Karvo eternal set, got 4 pieces, just missing the shoulder ones. All of them r +10'd, still have 5k+ Courage Insignia left over, can just complete this set by spending them if u want. Crucible insignia: 160k+ left over, can purchase EC PVE gears in 4.0. PVE set: weapon: +10 Tiamat Guard's Jewel(eternal/fully socketed with MB) body part: Kahrun eternal set ( fully socketed with MB) PVE accessories(all eternal): 1x Kahrun Necklace/2x Earrings/2x Rings. Kahrun Symbols: still have 3000+ left over. Wings: got few wings, but the major ones is the Ancient spirit wings, also has Kahrun wings. Kinah: near 1.6bil pure kinah, buy wutever u like when 4.0 comes. Crafting: comes with alot crafting materials(balic ones/normal ones), have 2 master crafting on this account, expert on athertapping/essencetapping both! Alot other stuff that worth for pretty much of kinah, godstonez, enchantment stonez, manastonez, more than 1000x greater supplements(eternal/untradable) and still have sum greater supplements bags(eternal/tradable) left over, best way to upgrade ur gears to +15.. etc. Still have sum mithril medals left over after fully lvl60 PVP geared, comes with a few AP relics as well. Also, this sorc has Mansion: alot cool furniture, and u dont have to suffer soul sickness, just pay some weekly house maintenance fees which is kinda cheap. Or u can just sell the mansion for kinah, it worth at least 250m+ on NA. This is quitting sale, it means Imma gonna sell the whole account, also has sum higher than lvl55 chars on the same account, and im looking for USA buyer only, if u r interested or seriously buying, contact me through forum(private msg), feel free to ask any question pls, i would love to provide more details. Serious buyer only because i am serious selling! If you are gonna troll, then do NOT contact me please, I'm not gonna waste my time here with u anyways. Thanks.
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