WTS: WTS Founders Acc 200 plus 60 pack and more

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    So the good lord was looking down on me today and I got my Elder Scrolls online beta so Neverwinter must sadly take a back seat I wont have time to level something any more.

    I have a founders 200 euro plus 60 euro plus starter pack account for sale has 6 character slots and ofc comes with the limited edition spider mount and so on and so on.

    Nothing of high level on there 45 TR, 30 GF and some other alts for proffesion spamming all have leadership 8 plus and constantly spam protect the caravan mission thats 400 AD every 2 hours x 5 easy to do from the webpage .

    Characters have all bag slots filled except for 1 slot and have a ton of diffrent enchants and runes, profession mats and so on. The account also has THE BEST companion in game from the Zen stor which was the cat, such an OP companion which is like having another characters worth of stats with you its really that good. You can unbind it and send to any character on the account if you choose currently chilling with the Rogue. Also has an unused Phorera fire bird companion in the bags along with epic enchants which sell for a **** ton. Has around 200k AD left on it the cat is worth a load also if you wanted to sell.

    I also have another FOunders account with a level 60 TR and GWF Rogue is 9k GS and GWF is 8k has a load of mats and around 500k AD left on it. Comes with lots of profession mats such as Dragon Eggs and proffesion trainers loads of blue ones and so on.

    Post some offers. NO trades unless its a Founders Gaurdian Fighter fully geared on a Founders acount (200 pack at least) will trade both account for a GOOD GF no PvP gear or boosted characters wanted.
Thread Status:
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