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    Maincharacter Server: Telemachus Faction: Elyos Class: Spiritmaster Level: 60 Crafting: Cooking 499, Alchemy 500. Main PVP-weapon: Vasharti's Tome +10 combined with EC-PVP (10% PVP-atk) and General Godstone (Inflicts 3760 points of fire damage with 1% probability). Main PVP-gear: L55 EC-PVP Tunic, L60 EC-PVP Leggings, L55 EC-PVP Shoes, L60 EC-PVP Pauldrons, L60 EC-PVP Gloves. Main PVP-accessories: Headpiece; Primal Spirit Bandana Earrings; Debilikarims Turqoise Earrings+Guardian Commander's Turqoise Earrings Rings; Hidden Manor Turqoise Ring+Anurati's Turqoise Ring Necklace; Guardian Commander's Turqoise Necklace Belt; Cursed Forest Sash Wings; Storm Wings Unbuffed stats: with gear mentioned above HP: 8095 MP: 10382 Magic Boost: 2115 Magic Acc: 1831 Crit Spell: 126 Cast speed: 0.7 Magic suppression: 807 Magic Resist: 1614 Spell Resist: 104 Also got some PVE-gears and a PVE-orb with both Cast-speed and Atk-speed reaching the unbuffed Magic Boost 2407. Got full PVP-tree stigmas highest level, 127k ap in total and 19 platinum medals and 13 mithril medals. Also have more than 26k Crucible insignias so getting the full L60 PVP-gear is not a lot of work. 6x Protectorate's Treasure Chest keys, 2x Deep Blue, 2x Hot Pink and a lot miscellanous items. Also got the Officer-godstone Jumentis Pacification (Adds a wepon effect that silences the target for 8 seconds with 5% probability) in Private Warehouse. This character also owns Sharptooth Airspike, a mount with 12.4 movement speed (sprint 14.9) and 16.0 flightspeed. This account also has; - L54 chanter with mostly PVE-gear, 83k ap in storage. 320 Handicrafting. - L46 Sorcerer with PVE-gear, 18k ap in storage. 160 Tailoring. - L37 Assasin (l35 gold +10 daggers and sword) - L30 Ranger (l30 gold +10 bow) A few months worth of veteran rewards exists (with expand cube) and about 50kk kinahs. Can provide the account-ID if wanted. Selling the account for 550 euros or offers.
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