WTS: wts: Endgame 220/30/70 Soldier + 2x tl7 Chars + 2x tl5 Twinks // Keeper 220/30/70

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    wts: Endgame 220/30/70 Soldier + 2x tl7 Chars + 2x tl5 Twinks // Keeper 220/30/70 Hello All! I'm ONLY interested in Real Cash $ or € and PAYPAL ONLY! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanna sell my Soldier Account and my Keeper Account! First the Soldier Account: The Soldier is on rk1, He is 220/30/70, omni, solitus, got nice pvp Stats, did more than 700 Duels, alot of Solo+Teamkills for epeen :p Quests are Done, have alot of Ofab, Beast Armor, Db Armor, both Bracer, 2,5k Tokenboard, alot of Alb Stuff, have ****ing much items that you can go completly Def Setup or Full AR Setup. Got Burden, Shoulderpads, HI Specs, CC Nodrop Helm, Alpha+Beta symbs equipped. Xan Stuff, Assault Rifle atm, can cast all nanos, etc. To much to list everything. On the Account is also a 218 Doc, pvp geared, both bracer, Ofab Bow equipped, Biodome Armor, Leo Boots, AS Imps, etc. Next on the Account is a 218/ai21+ Enf, atm wearing 1he+1hb weapon for mainly pvp, got some interesting Items from Panda and Alb, ql300 ring of computing and a ql289 eye of the evening star, both are nice abi items for equipping high symbs. The Account has also a tl5 Advy Twink and a tl5 Agent twink. All chars are on rk1, only the Agent is on rk2. ------------------- The Keeper Account: Keeper is Omni, rk1 and 220/30/70 Same like the Soldier, got alot of Nodrop Stuff, Quests done, T3 Armor Set, DB Armor, Beast Armor like Shoulderpads, Burden, Helmet, both Bracer, 2,5k Def Board, Xan Weapon, Star, Belt, etc. You have enough AIlvl to perk Mongo Rage and this is really alot of fun :p Send me A Privat Msg or Contact me via : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.