WTS: WTS: Elyos Templar Lvl 55 full geared (L50 pvp gear + Full miragent) (EU)

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    Templar lvl 55 with this gear: You can see some blue and a ethernal pve accesories, but that ones are only used for tank pve stuff, i have got full L50 pvp jewelry also. Including what you can see on the screen, you will find inside: Full miragent set Full Fire Resist Set (Tahabata runs stuff) 5% Speed title obtained 54kk of kinah (without count stuff to sell) Full stigma slots Full stigma bought (AP and Kinah ones) Free ticket transfer available More than 500 AP pots of Hp and Fly Time More than 1kk of AP items on bags around 700k of AP on character Around 20 plat medals on bags Preorder and Colecctors Edition Miragent GreatSword is merged with his best combo (Pvp GS full socketed with attack +5 stones) All gear is socketed with full green manstones (attack / crit ) Consumables on bags for months (including scrolls and potions) On account is available 1 full set of Black Dye. Character is remodeled with L50 balic skin. 11 month Veteran reward. Paid till 23 of november Skills: - Armirsmithing: 462/499 - Extract Aether: 399/399 - Extract Vitality: 399/399 - Alchemy: 344/399 - Cooking: 274/299 Inventory and warehouse screens: Some screens now: Price starts on 600 euros. Payment Method: Paypal only. PM me or post here if you interested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.