WTS: WTS Deluxe edition SWTOR 50 Sentinel / 50 Guardian & 50 Juggernaut && 4mil credits

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    I want to sell my deluxe edition SWTOR account with three level fifties and a market mule. [email protected] email or windows live messenger. $120.00 or best offer. Deluxe edition is 149.99. The account has 94 days time, that's worth 45.00 obviously. With atleast 3 million credits, worth another 21.00. The account has three level 50 toons, two on one server and one on another. Here are some quick details. The Sith Juggernaut and Jedi Guardian are on the same server, Mask of Nihilis, medium population PVE West server. It also has a level 9 mule packed with market commodities. The Sith is the least geared, it's in basic level 50 gear, some oranges a few greens and blues, mods are mostly 46s to 50s. Alignment is Dark 5. His companions are similarly geared, his crewskills are artifice 192, archaeology 186 and treasure hunting 155. There are 231,000 credits on him. The Jedi is pretty decently geared, 3 piece centurion mods are 51s and 1 piece columni mods are 56s. Really decently geared character to start on. Alignment is Light 5. Crewskills are biochem 400, bioanalysis 400, diplomacy 400. There are 2,000,000 credits on him. And 100 daily commendations. The level 9 smuggler bank toon has over 900,000 credits. Because of legacy, you can create a family tree and use this pool of over 3 million credits on whatever you play on that server. The Jedi Sentinel is on Canderous Ordo, light population PVE East server, has a few blues though. This Jedi is also pretty decently geared, 3 piece centurion mods are 56s, 1 piece champion mods are 51s, Champion saber. One saber and helm are mod 50s and could use an upgrade. The crewskills are biochem 381, bioanalysis 333, diplomacy 9. There are 232,000 credits on him. He has 61 daily commendations. So thats a basic overview of the account, took longer than I thought to type up. It's a great account, middle of the road as far as gear, then again there aren't many "Geared" toons for sale, it seems everyone who put time into gearing multiple toons either saved their account or are dedicated to playing lol. If you are unfamiliar with SWTOR terms, crewskills max out at 400 and you can have only three. Mods basically determine gear quality, they just released 61s so having 56s puts you in a good spot for a while to come. PM or email with questions or offers.
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