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    PPPSSS: To the scammers on this thread! Yes you [email protected] Don't bother. I'm not going to waste my time and make a fancy intro blablabla. I legit quit League, I need to focus on university now. Same goes for my brother. We have our mains and smurfs ALL up for sale to LEGIT buyers only. More than happy to use OMM, fees will be taken from agreed price. I prefer Paypal and bank deposit as payments, even things off playerup.com and other sites etc. Leave me your s or PM me and I'll get back to you ASAP. Please note: All accounts have quality runepages, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Prices are negotiable.. ALL ACCOUNTS HAVE 40+ CHAMPS, FEW HAVE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM AND 100+ SKINS, CONTACT ME AND I CAN SCREENSHARE YOU SKINS ETC! Account 1: Gold 5, 60+ champs 20+ skins Account 2: Gold 4 SMURF, has 20champs, mainly ADC and 2 skins. Account 3: Plat 5 MAIN: Gold border from Season 2. MANY MANY SKINS AND CHAMPS. Account 4: Plat 4 SMURF, ONLY 13 RANKED games played. HAS PLAT BORDER FROM SEASON 2 Contact me for skin and champs Account 5: PLAT 5 SMURF: Mainly ADCs, has 5 rune pages 10+ skins 50 games played. Account 6: Diamond 5 smurf! 20 Rune pages 100+champs and 40+ quality skins. Account 7 is my beloved main since beta.. I can't believe I'm selling it but it has to go! Diamond 1: Diamond border. ALL champs 70+skins.. Famous friends with popular streamers.. What more can you ask for? :'(
Thread Status:
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