WTS: WTS Asmo 60 Sin pvp geared Kahrun

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    PVP GEARS : -Weapons : -Elite Archon Captain's Dagger +10 with Silence gs and Attack +5 manastones. (have extra paralyze blue gs ) Noble coliseum champion's brand +10(L55 condition 2 arena sword) with Blind gs and attack +5 manastones. -Armor : Full L60 C1 Kariff set +5 full attack+5 manastones. 3parts L60 C2 Antro (gloves + boots + shoulders ) -Acessories: -full L60 eternal AP jewels Kariff hat both glasses from dredgion (kasanat's and kucharan's)1with high magic resist and another with high magic suppression Kucharan's belt ( dredgion pvp belt ) Kahruns wings Fenris Fang title. -PVE GEARS -Weapons: -Elite Archon Captain's dagger +10 with silence gs and attack+5 [its a pvp dagger but i use it for pve too,its the best stats and it has no condition / augmentation to wear off upon using,so u can use it 24/7 pvp /pve] -Kahrun Sword +10 with blind gs and attack +5 ms -fenris sword +1 with immobilize gs and attack+5 ms -Armor: -FULL kahrun set full of attack+5 ms -full fenris leather set. -Kahrun's wings -Fenris fang title. *KAHRUN's WINGS *PAGATI LOPER MOUNT (kahrun's mount) CRAFTING : Expert essence tapping (499) artisan cooking (499) expert alchemy (449) -EXTRAS / MISCS: 18 slot pet (gold drakie) paralyze blue godstone zikel's pride gold godstone (3760 dmg) skafir's wing feather (blue feathers wings,incase u like the skin) 1240 kahrun symbols 24 mithril medals 118 platinum medals 273 courage insignia 421 guest petals please contact me [email protected] for more info . - chunhb1 -
Thread Status:
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