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    have an account to trade/sell... lv 70 2h axe shadow w/ full unique spec - Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile items - Xfire - Gaming Simplified have more uniques , quality gems and whatnot on a mule...will give all just cba goin thru stuff. also forgot to show 2nd set of weps - quill rain unique bow and broadstroke unique quiver gameplay - Xfire - Gaming Simplified stats from top of my head... default 1.3k dps with hatred on armor / evasion ~10 % ( char relies on endurance chrages and granite flask for defense - maxed armor ) all resistances @ 32%...again relies on endurance charges- few points from beeing maxed 16% lifesteal 1%manaleech toon was designed to be as efficient as the skill of the player... if u make mistakes dies easy...but once u get a hang of it its strong. result is quite fun gameplay - not too easy and fast enough to not be booriing next step was to go into evasion+hp gear to solo maps comfortably...doable as it is but its hard and have to go slow. make a reasonable offer.
Thread Status:
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