WTS: WTS account on USPC world on US server

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    I have cr 86 hard light dps/troll hero. sp 66. Have tr3.5-4.5 dps gear with tr4 mods. Troll gear is tr 3.5 with tr3-4mods. Can troll any raid. Legends Heroes:Harley Quinn, Huntress,Catwoman,Bizzaro,Ursa,John Stewert, Doctor Fate and enough Marks of Lore to buy a new hero. Have Colour auras and: red and white. Movement:flight. I have three 131.1dps weapons. Bow and Shield for dps, and another Troll Sheild. Have over 1.5milion cash. Also have low tr pvp gear. I have cr 81 hard light dps/troll hero. sp50. Have tr3-4 dps and tr2.5-3 troll gear.Legends Heroes:Two-face, Bizzaro,Kilowog.Movement:flight. I have one 131.1 dps Shield. I have two lvl 30 heroes. Power:Earth and Electricity. Electricity Hero has cr 50. Legend Heroes:Huntress,Harley Quinn,Amon Sur,PowerGirl,Bane.Both have Movement:Super-Speed. I have two low lvl heroes. 14lvl and 9 lvl. 9 lvl hero has power Electricity and Legend heroes:Nightwing and PowerGirl. Was Legendary for 2 months and have two dlc packs:Fight for the earth, Hand of Fate. Replay Badges 210. Have some of the rarest styles. This account is still in work in progress, which means i am adding something new everyday. For more details and screenshots contact me on :dcuo.player Make an offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.