[WTS] WTS 95 (almost 96) Aeore Healer - Shillen (NCWest)

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    Nothing out of the ordinary. 96 (near 97) Noblesse OLYMPIAD BEAST. - Active Reflect, Active Celestial +6/3/3/3/3 Standard Seraph robe Set (all standard besides stockings), full 120. +3/3/3/3/3 Bound Seraph Heavy Set, full 120. +3/3/3/3/3 Bound TW Robe set, full 60+ +5/3/3/3/3 Bound TW Heavy set, full 60+ +5 Seraph Rings, +3 Earrings, Freya Necklace. +3 Top R Grade Knock Down/Knock Back Protection Earring. (131 M.def +20% Resist & Attack Chance to Knock Down/Back) Currently has: 2x Oly Guardian Earrings (High M.def), Oly Guardian Neck (High M.def), Oly Earring (Zaken one), Oly Necklace (Frintezza one) 100kk Fame, 200k Oly Tokens, 2nd place Cloak (+15% CP, +10% HP, 60 P.def, 50 M.def) - 100% locked hero for the month of July. Subs: 85 Feoh Wizard (Awakened from Necro), 80 Moonlight Sentinel, 75 WC +6 Power Shirt (+2 CON, MEN, STR, INT - +7 SPEED - +14 M.DEF) +3 WIT Hair Accessory, Augmented with a decent aug. (+6 M.def) +3 Noblesse Tiara you can wear with the WIT one (+6 M.def) also augmented with a decent aug. +3 Specter Buster - Acumen +3 Blessed Apoc Buster - Aura Flare augment (Non-elemental) +4 Apoc Buster (300 Wind) +4 Foundation Cabrio's Hand (Mana Up + MP Regen) for PvP/outside of Oly +4 TB*DLE Duals for PvP/outside of Oly R95 & R90 Sigil + Shield +3 High Grade Immortal Belt (PVP Defense) - For PvP +3 Top Grade Twilight Belt (PVP Skill Attack) - For Olympiad Acc comes with a lowbie dwarf that I use as my personal WH - The dwarf is LOADED with mats you can gamble with for Hair Accessory Pendants / etc. 1x BEWR, as MASS of Elemental stones (no crystals), Enchants of every grade, D - (Through) R crystals, etc etc. Sub Certs: +30 P.Crit/M.Crit Rate (level 3) +90 P.def/M.def (level 6) +2% Clarity/Skill Reuse (level 2) pm/post with offers. Not looking for some scrub offer. SECURE ACCOUNT, I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER.
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