WTS: WTS 50 Gladiator Full Level 30 PvP Gear ALL PIECES +10 - 3/5 Miragent

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    Selling my female Elyos gladiator on the Triniel server, which is one of the best servers for PvP, especially for Elyos. The toon has about 4 million Kinah, 3/5 miragents in the bank, it's in the full level 30 pvp gear and all 5 pieces are +10, which is 50 stones which are worth around 2.5m each on Triniel. This would cost over 100m+ if you didn't fail, so this toon is pretty much geared to the teeth. It is currently equipped with the Anuhart Elite's spear with 1% for 1880 damage for massive AoE damage in forts and DP. Has Anuhart Elite's Sword and Orichalcum Dagger for dual wield, massive DPS with Word of Wind in instances or just in general. The account is collector's edition and has the 6 month wings, has every month so far. Alts include a 34 Assassin, 34 Cleric in full daeva gear with the daeva shield, 38 spiritmaster, 31 ranger, and 28 sorcerer. This is a special account because the spiritmaster has a RARE world drop fabled balic headpiece recipe. Currently there is no one else known on the server that has this, and you can charge people 1-2 mill just for the craft using their mats. Glad is maxed vitality/aether gathering, 399 armorsmithing, 399 cooking, 449 alchemy Spiritmaster is 449 tailoring Feel free to contact me with any further questions or if you'd like to see screenshots, or with offers. I require a phone conversation before any payments or account info go out so just be aware.
Thread Status:
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