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    !!!!Post before contacting!!!! Hey guys. I ran into some financial hardship and am liquidating my EVE Account. I rarely ever play anymore so I figure that I should probably just cut the game from my life and thus am going to toss it up here for sale. The account has 23.5m SP, mostly allocated with Industry/Mining/PVE. The character has good skills, plenty to run through level 4s easily and is an EXCELLENT mining character with heavily allocated skills in Industry - specially set for low/null sec mining of high profit ores, but does have good support skills for PVE and PVP (starter). See the attached image for a screenshot of the skills laid out in plane view so you know there's nothing being hidden. I'll admit the account is not perfect, but it's good none the less. I'm sorry to see it go, but I would love to make sure it ends up in the right hands! Positive Wallet Positive Sec Status Capital Industrial Ready Jump Freight ready if skill is purchased Freighter Ready Good shield skills Good Caldari Ship skills Decent Missile Skills Decent Gunnery Support Skills Leadership skills etc. Oh and a note: I have Cosmos BPCs in my Jita hanger, 150 or so of them if I remember correctly. If these are turned into items, you're looking at multiple billions in profit. Account also comes with quite a few other items, mix of T2 and normal, including fully fitted raven for those who are into missioning as well as a few other ships - but I wont ruin that surprise. ----- Skills Screenshot ------ Now for the basics: I AM the OO - I'm the only person that has ever been on this account and it's completely, fully secure. I will provide a copy of my drivers license for verification and for your records. Account has 30 days on it. I added this just prior to posting. I am ONLY accepting Western Union due to the threat of Scams, I only do money transactions via Western Union. I will not do Paypal under any circumstances; I apologize if that's an inconvenience. Rest assured however that Western Union is completely safe, secure and it's very easy to do funds transfers through them via either a Local Branch (All over the place heh) or Online. Do note however that if you choose to do it online, it does require an account to be made where as a branch transfer does not. I do have reputation so rest assured that I will not try anything shady and am not in a hurry, if you feel at any time uncomfortable, feel free to cancel the transfer as I would do the same. I am legit and will only do business with those that are as well. Asking price: 130$ I know I can most likely get a little more than that, but I need to sell this quickly as bills are piling up. >=P Contact me via AIM - Lifelysswow - with any questions you may have.
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