WTS: WTS 2 accounts , 220/70/30 endgame Doctor/Fixer, other 220s

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    WTS my 2 merged paid accounts (under same customers name and a froobie bank account in there aswell) Toons in account 1: 220/70/30 Solitus Doctor - fully endgame PVM setup , alpha symbs , done all the quests, and has tons of various nodrop items so u can twink/change setups to like anything you'd like. 220/70/30 Atrox Fixer - fully endgame PVP setup , mostly alpha symbs , and some 280-290s since at these spots alphas are not doable on atrox. Has all the quests done. 220/70/30 Atrox Soldier - stripped atm , but with 220-240 symbs , collected most beta symbs ,and have all the quests done aswell 211/50ish/25 Atrox Agent - also stripped (not playing it) but can become a lovely ganking toon with a little effort. 172/42/24 Solitus Trader -old pvp toon , currenlty stripped TS-er , but equippable for less than 30 mins if u wanna pvp on it. Has every tiwnking item ingame , including 240+ Lya's pads , OT gunship and so on. 150/42/16 Atrox Enforcerer - s10 toon , stripped too atm , but easy equippable. 71/7/14 Nanomage MP - towerstwink that lacks currently AI armors , but its really fun to play. Account 2 : 220/60ish/30 Nanomage PVP doctor (currently retired) , with alpha symbs/nice ql 300 def implants , just lacks 3-4 AI armor pieces. Done all the quests on it aswell. 220/50ish/30 Opifex Agent - (retired too) - done the quests etc. 172/42/24 Opifex Fixer - Perfectly twinked, took me a lot of effort there. Also has all the quests done and stuff. ------- All the toons are omni , and in one of the biggest PVP organization ------- Most toons have really huge ammonth of nodrop twinking items(like Lya's pads) , and spent IP reset points , so u can rearange them (retwink) the way you like with just a bit of efford. All the 200+ toons have a set of beast armors , Beast weapons (upgraded) and lots of rare stuff. Aswell as all (or nearly all) garden keys. The account has more than 10b in items , but just a bit of cash. (not sure exactly how much but between 100m and 1b). Froob account contains nearly EVERY twinking item ingame, at like the best ql.(rare stuff like Chapmans/Explosif pillows and even more "weird" stuff that u may need) There are also like 30 backpacks of any ql symbiants between 100-300 , and u can find them very usefull for ur next toons , or for selling. For detailed view (inspect) of the characters (and their setups) - please contact me on : name : m0ko14 The asking price for the accounts is 500$ (400euro). Transaction will go through moneybookers. For any questions regarding the account/toons and more info - please contact me
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