WTS: WTS 10mil Hulk/Noctis/Orca/Obelisk pilot and 6.5mil allround starter pilot

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    Account 1 Important skills Electronics 5 Ice Harvesting 5 Industry 5 Kernite/Omber/Pyroxeres/Veldspa/Scordite Processing 4 Plag Processing 3 Mining 5 Mining Upgrades 5 Refinery Efficiency 4 Refining 5 Leadership 5 Mining Director 4 Mining foreman 5 Salvaging 4 Astrogeology 5 Science 4 Connections 5 Exhumers 4 (currently in training for 5) Gallente Freighter 1 Gallente Industrial 5 Industrial Command Ships 2 Mining Barge 5 Ore Industrial 4 Spaceship Command 5 Account 2 can fly Orca with Mining Foreman 5 and leadership 5, mining director 3 (currently training to 4) The rest of his skills are spread. account 1 will come with roughly 340mil isk, 100-200mil in minerals, an orca, a fitted hulk and mackinaw, fitted noctis, fitted drake and an unfit raven and a handful of random low cost bpos. both accounts have 3 weeks left on sub. Nothing really in mind for a price, throw offers at me, trades will be considered (for other games, leaving eve).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.