WTS: WTS 10k GS Trickster Rogue on Dragon server

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    This is more of a luxury account than some of the other.

    Has some of the best gear in the game (10.100 GS), combined with the best companion in the game (Cat - 900.000AD).

    Unique epic mount (3.000 Zen Horse, not the one from foundry pack)

    Full pvp gear, and capped glory points.

    Inventory is fully slotted with bags, and has additional bank slots.

    Has 2 professions: level 12 Leatherworking and level 10 Leadership.

    - has 3 green/2 blue LW people assets, and 3 blue/1 green LS people assets.

    Currency balance of the character is 2.200.000 Astral Diamonds, 2.000 Zen, 100 Gold

    Character /played is 150 hours.

    Total amount of dollars spent in cash shop: $220

    If people are interested I will provide screenshots.

    Not prepared to accept anything below $500, considering the time/money already invested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.