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    As the title says, I am selling my World of Warcraft battle account which also has Diablo III and Warcraft III accounts in it. About the WoW account: All the account's information will be changed into yours. Secret question, Vanilla and every other's expansion codes will be given.. About WoW characters: Agrammar Realm: Gold amount in total on those characters is 60k. Almost all the heirloom items are included in the account. 1.) Troll Male Hunter level 85. Item level is 392, both epic PvP and PvE gear, ready for any Raids or BGs. Maxed proffesions, Enchanting and Skinning. Many flying and ground mounts. Many rare tamed Pets and Famous character in the realm while I used to be the best geared hunter through the beggining of Cataclysm. 2.) Troll Female Druid level 85. Item level is 386, ready for any PvE missions. Maxed proffesions Herbalism and Alchemy. 3.) Blood Elf Female Paladin level 85. Item level is 363. Maxed proffesions of Blacksmithing and Mining. 4.) Blood Elf Male Warlock level 85. Item level is 363, Maxed proffesions Tailoring and Herbalism. Many ground mounts and flying. Also got the two sitted flying rocket by recruiting a friend. 5.) Orc Male Shaman level 71. 6.) Undead Male Priest level 43. Scarshield Legion Realm: 1.) Gnome Male Rogue level 71. Full epic geared old school character. 2.) Draenei Female Mage level 35. About Diablo III account: It has a Level 60 Wizard character, with a lot of gold and decent gear. About Warcraft III account: Active, Game and Expansion code will be given and any other information you may need. __________________________________________________ _______________ If you're intrested on that Battle account give your OFFER in a private message or contact me on the following e-mail : [email protected] If you need more information about that Battle account ask me in a private message or contact me on the following e-mail : [email protected] __________________________________________________ _______________ The account is well cared and the only reason selling it is that I got bored of it after all those years and I am not going to follow the new Mists of Pandaria Expansion. __________________________________________________ _______________
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