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    Selling a west LoL account @1200-1300 elo with with 250ranked games season(2) + preseason (2) (season 1 510+ ranked games) + 334 normal wins - 2 FULL COMPLETE-READY-TO-USE AD/AP RUNE pages this account has never been banned and it is clean.can ask RIOT for it I ll ban on first sight any scammer or wanna be this account belongs to a very friendly person of mine . Champions OWNED: Akali,Amumu,Alistar,Anivia,Annie,Ashe,Brand,Chogath,Corki,Dr.Mundo,Evelyn,Fiddlesticks,Gangplank,Garen,Gragas,Irelia,Janna,Jax,Karma,Katarina,Kayle,Leblanc,Malphite,Master Yi,Mordekaiser,Morgana,Nasus,Nidalee,Nunu,Olaf,Orianna,Pantheon,Poppy,Riven,Ryze,Shaco,Singed,Sion,Sivir,Sona,Soraka,Talon,Taric,Teemo,Tristana,Tryndamere,Twisted Fate,Twitch,Udyr,Urgot,Vayne,Veigar,Warwick,Wukong,Xin,Zhao,Yorick,Zilean , RUNES SKINS Skins owned: -Crimson Akali -Unchained Alistar -Desert Troop Garen -Assasin Master yi -Forsaken Olaf -Glacial Olaf -White Mage Veigar PRICE is 40€ (debateable) For infor PM me PS:it is not RAGEEEE FTW
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.