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    Gladiator 60 lvl PvP stuff: ? Guardian Commander's divine full set with Augment include Helmet/Belt (60 lvl). ? Guardian Commander's jewels(60 lvl). ?Noble Coliseum Champions full set +10 (55 lvl) condition 2. ?Elite Guardian Tribunus set +10 (lvl 50) full Attack manastones socketed. ? Vasharti Spear +10 combined with Guardians Commander Polearm with augment (60 lvl) and socketed godstone Paralyze 2%. ? Guardian Brigade Generals Spear +12 (55 lvl) combined with arenas condition 2 and socketed godstone silence 5%. ?Makia's Bow combined with Stormwing's bow and socketed godstone reduce speed 5%. PvE stuff: ?Tiamat Protectorate armor set lvl 60 ?Tiamat Protectorate Spear combined with Kahrun's Polearm and socketed godstone 376 earth damage 10% ?Kahrun's dagger and Mace +5 both and socketed godstones 376 earth too. ?Miragent armor set 50 lvl full flight time socketed. Werahouse : ? 1 billion Kinah ? Godstones:2x paralyze, 1x stun, 1x 3760 fire damage, 1x1880 fire damage, many others. ? many legion coins, kahrun symbols,crucible/courage insignias,mithril medals,Radiant/wright tokens. ? All pvp/pve stigmas ? Full consumable items like scrolls,foods,etc. ready to play. Other: ? Sharptooth Loomen (mount) ? All items are full manastone socketed. ? Craft skills : Weaponsmith 503, Cooking 499, Alchemy 399, Aethertapping 499, Essencetapping 350. ? Goldpack for 1 month yet. ? Twink Assasin 47 lvl gold geared pve,pvp weapons/jewels, full warehouse with crowns,medals,etc. ? Others alt as warehouse full with weaponsmith fluxes/crafting materials Prefer paypal/banktransfer pm any offer,thnx
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.