WTS: Veteran Acc SM lvl60 Nexus/Elyos

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    As the title says, i wanto to sell my SM acc. This account have: SM lvl 60 (main char) Chanter lvl 49 (twink) lvl 50 sin (pve items) lvl 60 glad (pve items) SM Gear/items: Full Miragent set(with MB) PVP set: Sublime Coliseum Champion's Bandana (lvl 55 c1) Divine Coliseum Campion Tunic+1 (lvl 55 c1) Miragent Leggins (i'm using this one because when i played i was making lvl60 c2) Gonon's pauldrones (lvl60 c2) Gonon's Gloves+2(lvl60 c2) Gonon's shoes+2(lvl60 c2) ACC: Guardian Commander's Turquoise Necklace (ET abyss lvl 60) Guardian Commander Turquoise Earrings (Et abyss lvl 60) Debilkarim's Turquiose Earrings (ET pve lvl 52) Guardian Brigade General's Turquoise Ring (ET lvl 55 abyss) Raksha's Turquoise Ring (ET pve lvl 57) Ksanat's Belt (ET lvl 60 pvp Belt) Wings and Weapon: Ravanger's Tome +10 with C2 arena and Paralyze GS (this weapon is very good, because have attk speed and cast speed) Reinan Elite Soldier's Wings I also have PVE and PVP tree (the necessary stigmas for SM) Kinah: 110 kk AP: 170k and 230k with relics Crusible Insignia: 35754 Courage Insignia: 701 Kahrun's Symbol: 948 Mithril Medal: 46 Platinum Medal: 37 Professions: 499p Alchemy 100p Essencetapping 43p Cooking To sell this acc i'm looking for: 500kk kinah in Anuhart server/Elyos or 80euros by Paypal *The price is # Contacts: : stormy7z Xfire: sneider03 Steam: epikk33 Best regards, Stormy
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