WTS: Vet Ranger PVP 10 and Bear shaman PVP 6 accounts US-SET

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    Account 1: Ranger PVP 10 (SET) Tired of this low pop **** and I'm moving on to battlefield 4. Vet token ~480. Created since beta access. I'm the original owner and a PVPer from Tyranny so expect no wuss ranger name. Full PVP gears. Full T2. T3 weps - Xbow+bolts and few pieces Assorted khitai epics + All tigers gears (cept belt) 95% AA maxed. Tons of rare tokens and 480 moa. 190+ gold. About 2900 funcom pts left. Premium until: 2014-MARCH. OK just feast on these screenshots: dearserenity/aoc/rng1.png dearserenity/aoc/rng2.png dearserenity/aoc/rng3.png BTW I found a way to farm tons of AA, rares and insignias as seen in my screenshots. Farm rate with this uber ranger: 2-3rares, 60k mastery, 30insignias PER 1min!!! Info comes with the account Buy-out: 250 USD Account 2: Bear Shaman (tyranny account) dearserenity/aoc/bs1.jpg dearserenity/aoc/bs2.jpg dearserenity/aoc/bs3.jpg $50USD Let me know if you have any questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.