WTS: Very Rare Account! 101 Champs! 109 Skins! 9 Legendary! 2 PAX Skins! AND MORE!

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    Im selling my League of Legends account that I have worked very hard on. It took me about 2 years and alot of money to build my account to the point I did. I LOVED doing 3v3 but when they changed it to the new Twisted Treeline I really lost interest in the game so here I am. I have EVERY CHAMP except 8. I have at least 1 skin for more the champs. I also have some very very rare 1's that will set you apart from the rest including but not limited to PAX JAX and PAX SIVIR. I have 315 runes so pretty much I have all the runes you could ever need and have some RP/IP points still available to grab more. The most special thing about my charcter IMO is the rank. No I'm not Gold or Silver or Platinum but I'm not even ranked. I played with my GF so I never got into rank matches. That said it means you have the chance to create or own legacy. Grab a great account that all ready for you. With the champs unlocked, skins unlocked, rare skins unlocked, runes unlocked, over 1700 Normal Wins.... You're all ready to roll. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND SCAM ME. IT WILL NOT WORK. NO YOU CAN'T LOG IN MY ACCOUNT. NO I WILL NOT GIVE UP THE INFO FIRST. IF YOU WANT TO USE PICK OUT THE GUY ILL CHECK THEIR REP. AND WE CAN GO FROM THERE. I WILL ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL AS WELL. IF YOUR INTERESTED IN THIS ACCOUNT PLEASE POST IN HERE. DO NOT SEND ME RANDOM PRIVATE MESSAGES TO GET ON BECAUSE I WILL NOT REPLY. Here is a list of my Champs-Skins: Ahri Akali- Blood Moon, Nurse, Stinger Alistar- Longhorn Amumu- Emumu Anivia- Noxus Hunter Annie Ashe- Amethyst Blitzcrank- Piltover Customs, Boom Boom Brand Caitlyn- Officer, Sheriff, Resistance Cassiopeia- Desperada Cho'Gath- Battlecast, Gentleman Corki- Hot Rod Dr.Mundo- Executioner, Corporate Draven Elise Evelynn Ezreal- Frosted Fiddlesticks- Bandito Fiora Fizz Galio- Gatekeeper Gangplank- Spooky Garen- Dreadknight Gragas- Vandal, Hillbilly Graves- Mafia Heimerdinger- Piltover Customs Irelia- Infiltrator, Nightblade Janna Jarvan IV- Darkforge, Dragon Slayer, Commando Jax- Vandal Jayce Karma Karthus- Pentakill, Grim Reaper Kassadin- Harbinger, Pre-Void Katarina Kayle Kennen- M.D., Karate Kha'Zix- Mecha Kog'Maw- Jurassic, Lion Dance LeBlanc- Prestigious Lee Sin- Traditional Leona- Iron Solari Lulu- Wicked Lux- Spellthief Malphite- Obsidian Malzahar- Djinn, Shadow Prince Maokai Master Yi- Headhunter, Ionia, Assassin Miss Fortune- Mafia Mordekaiser- Pentakill Morgana- Sinful Succulence Nasus- Dreadknight, Pharaoh Nautilus Nidalee- French Maid Nocturne Nunu- Demolisher, Grungy Olaf- Forsaken Orianna- Sewn Chaos Pantheon- Full Metal, Myrmidon Poppy Rammus- Ninja, Chrome Renekton- Bloodfury Rengar Riven Rumble Ryze- Uncle, Tribal Shaco- Asylum, Royal Shen- Blood Moon, Surgeon Shyvana Singed- Augmented, Surfer Sion- Warmonger, Barbarian Sivir- Bandit Sona- Arcade Soraka Swain- Tyrant, Bilgewater Syndra Talon- Dragonblade Taric Teemo- Super, Cottontail Tristana Trundle- Lil' Slugger Tryndamere Twisted Fate Twitch- Gangster Udyr- Primal Urgot- Giant Enemy Varus Vayne- Aristocrat Veigar- Greybeard Viktor Vladimir- Blood Lord, Vandal Volibear Warwick Wukong- Volcanic Xin Zhao- Viscero Yorick- Undertaker, Pentakill Ziggs Zilean Zyra Here are Skins you can not buy in the Store: Unchained Alistar Red Riding Annie PAX JAX Red Card Katarina Judgement Kayle Noxus Poppy Riot Squad Singed PAX Sivir Badger Teemo Firefighter Tristana The Magnificent Twisted Fate Feral Warwick For got to mention this is a North America Account. Level 30 of course. - - - Updated - - - Forgot I also have Darius too.
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