WTS Very decked out account with five 220's, 3 burdens, one of the best ingame

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    I am selling my AO account after 4-5 years played, omni on rk1. This account has so much gear on it I can't even begin to try and name it all. Some of the items include many AI armor sets (mostly full 300 commando sets), many equipped 300 symbs, very high pvp titles some that can't be gained anymore (multiple toons have experienced/expert/master etc from before the title changes), plenty of other rare items and credits. The account has 3 burdens on the Agent, Keeper, and Fixer. These chars all have pads, helm etc from beast too. All 220's have a huge amount of pande gear (the keeper and agent has pretty much every item that can drop), db/alba bracers etc. The characters all have high ai and le lvls but I haven't played in months and I can't remember them exactly. 220 keeper (atrox) 220 agent (atrox) 220 fixer (soli) 220 trader (soli) 220 shade (atrox) 207 agent (atrox twink with full 300 cc set equipped) 150 doc (ex twink) I won't go into huge detail here with each character here to protect the buyer, but be assured they are all decked out. The last character I worked on before I quit was the trader and it was unbeatable 1 on 1 in pvp, hugely twinked evades, has the hard to get stuff like the 275 evade shirt etc. The shade was one of the highest DD shade on rk1 when I played it also. If you want more details on any of the chars you can msg me here or email me at [email protected] This account is easily one of the best in the game. It has no marks on it's record, never been banned, has good reputation ingame. I am wanting $1000 usd for it, I could get far more than this if I stripped the account and sold the ai armor/creds etc seperatly but I have moved on and simply don't have the motivation to go back and pull it apart. I will accept western union and can be contacted on the phone/ by buyer. Email me at [email protected] for any questions.
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