[WTS] Valor Rank 52 level 50 Jedi Shadow (Full PvP Gear and Full PvE Gear)

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    PVP Gear Champion Survivor's Module Champion Survivor's Motivator x 2 Champion Survivor's Double-Bladed Lightsaber Champion Survivor's Shield Generator Champion Survivor's Headgear Champion Survivor's Handwraps Champion Survivor's Waistwrap Champion Survivor's Legwraps Champion Stalker Double-Bladed Lightsaber Champion Stalker Handwraps Champion Stalker Implants x2 All champion gear is Tier 2 PvP gear. This character also comes with 85 centurion commendation should you want to purchase any tier 1 PvP gear. PVE Gear Rakata Survivor's Module (Tier 3!) Rakata Survivor's Implant x2 (TIER 3!) Columni Survivor's Bracers Columni Survivor's Robes Columni Survivor's Handwraps Columni Survivor's Legwraps Columni Survivor's Boots Columni Relic of the Shrouded Crusader Columni Relic of Imperiling Serenity All Columni gear is Tier 2 PvE and Rakata is Tier 3 PvE. This gear puts the character over 21,000 HP unbuffed, capable of tanking nightmare mode operations. This character also comes with 85 Tionese commendations and 467 Tionese crystals should you want to purchase tier 1 PvE gear. Picture of character sheet (self buffed): Other info: Crew skills are 400 Underworld Trading, Cybertech, and Scavenging. I have MOST of the blue cybertech designs and 4 of the epic reusable grenades made. This character comes with 3,500,000 Credit. This character has every datacron including the very hard +10 to all stats datacron. This character also has 110% speeder trained and a 110% speeder. This character also has a bunch of grade 6 crafting materials. You will be able to craft any of the lvl 50 mods and armoring available to cybertech. Contact Info: Feel free to contact me on these boards (must post on this thread first), or contact me on my . : TCX1818 I am only looking to sell, so no trade offers please. Starting bid: $350
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.