WTS: USPC TANK / DPS cr86 sp117 (earth) HEALLER cr81 sp60 (sorc)

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    Main character HERO USPC) Power - Earth tank/dps Movement type: flying FULL T4 PVE TANK gears with full T4 mods. FULL T4 PVE DPS gears with full T4 mods. FULL T4 PVP TANK gears with full T4 mods (also some dps gears) 117 skill points! Premium acces with HAVE ALL DLS (exsept "Fight for the Light" - unnecessary DLS) Done about 75% of all feats. Plaing thes game about 1year so I collect A LOT OF REAR STYLES like 3 parts of Avatar Infliator, 5 parts of HIVE defender, Robot Joker helm, Robot Batman helm, Cold glasses, Cadmus T shirt, Two-Fase hoodie, Straw hat, Scarecrow hat, Red-Clown Nose, Felix Faust hat, Falcone glasses and A LOT OF OTHER! have about 80% styles in game. Extra Rear Trinkets : Snowman,Misis BOO,Hellowen Trinkets,DPS and TANK Trinkets. Collected all T1 T2 T3 T4 style sats. Have some styles from MarketPlase. Legends PVP: All chars for marks are unlocked (normal ones and Last Laugh ones and Hand of Fate ones). collected a lot of rare collections. have some rare plans like: Remix Soda IV, Precision Might IV and others .. also on my acc there is HEALLER HERO 80cr 57sp Movement type: Super speed. Power: Sorc Strong inaf to heal ALL RAIDS. So with my acc u can go in TANK or DPS or HEALER mod) What wasnt told can be showed in by screen sharing. : lion.55516 email: [email protected] What im sure of is that those offers that will be lower then 250$ will be automatically refused) - - - Updated - - - erm and its on PC - - - Updated - - - USPC servers . And u could change it on EU servers in any time in the lancher)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.