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    I am selling two accounts. One account has Hand of Fate DLC. It has two chars. One is PVE and the second is PVP. First one is 74 char. Power Ice. Has 133.3 Weapon(Staff). Main Gear is Tank gear, Tr3+, some tr4 gears too. Have tr2+ dps gear. Have some rare styles from briefings and collections. Another char is 80 pvp combat rating. Both have many rare styles from briefings and collections.(guaranteed original looks for the toons.) The other account has DLC packs:Last Laugh, Lightning Strikes And Fight For The Earth. Has 5 chars, three of them low lvl and the other two are 30 lvl. PvP combat Ratings Are 63 and 43. The First one has pieces of tr3 pvp armor and other tr2. They also have tr2 PVE armor. Fastest way to contact me is on :dcuo.player. Price is 50-60$. We can negotiate something. I can't use Paypal, so the payment has to be done via Western Union. (I have a 1:30 video that shows how to send money in about 15 minutes). Also If you are worried that i may cheat you, don't be. I have no intention of playing DCUO anymore, i just want to get some money for the time i spent on it. We can negotiate the safe protocols.
Thread Status:
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