WTS: USPC: CR 77 DPS, CR 73 Healer, PvP Tank, and more!

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    Introduction: With graduation looming on the horizon, I have to shift my focus away from DCUO for the foreseeable future, and there is no reason to let such a great account go to waste! These characters are ready for whatever you want to do in game (from the highest-end PvE content to Arenas and open-world PvP. Don't waste your time going through all the trouble of leveling up and grinding feats, because this account has done all that for you. Just log in and start enjoying everything that DCUO has to offer. Here is an overview: Server: USPC Membership: Premium (all three DLCs purchased) Characters: Level 30 DPS (Hard Light + Flight) Villain 77 Combat Rating 68 Skill Points 113 dps Bow and mostly Tier 3.5 PvE gear (all with full mods) - Over 500 Precision! Full Tier 1 PvP with some Tier 2 PvP Tons of Exobits in the bank (about 15+ stacks) Level 30 Healer (Nature + Flight) Villain 73 Combat Rating 54 Skill Points 113 dps Handblasters and 113 dps Two-Hander with some Tier 3.5, some Tier 3, and some Tier 2.5 (all with full mods) - Almost 1650 Resto! Full Tier 1 PvP Level 30 Tank (Fire + Superspeed) Villain 34 Combat Rating 42 Skill Points 120 MoC PvP Weapon and mostly T2 PvP gear with some T1 (all T2 pieces have mods) Specced for Damage but geared for Tank; this hybrid build is devastating because it combines strong DPS with amazing survivability. Level 14 DPS (Gadgets + Flight) Villain Best PvP gear at level and dominates in (10-14) PvP Arena bracket Specced for Stealth and damage Contact Info: I would like to sell all of this for a mere $120 USD/obo. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to post in here or email me at: [email protected] Thanks for looking!
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