WTS: [USA - Kahrun/Israphel - Asmo] Lv60 Sorcerer + Lv60 Templar + Lv60 Chanter

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    Hello all, Lets start with the Sorcerer, I mainly play this character. The Sorcerer is Lv60 and on Kahrun server, Its PVP set consists of -- 4/5 of the set is Lv60 Eternal Crucible Condition 1. 1/5 of the set is Lv60 Eternal Crucible Condition 2. ^This set is full MR (magic resist) 5/5 One set of Lv55 Fabled PVP Armor ^This set is full Block ------------------------------------------- PVP Accessories -- (2) Lv60 Eternal Abyss PVP Attack Rings (1) Lv60 Eternal Abyss PVP Attack Earring Character currently has 360k abyss points and another 80k to turn in. Lv60 Eternal PVP Belt ------------------------------------------- PVP Weapons -- (1) PVP Tome, Lv60 Eternal 11% PVP Damage Tome merged with Primal Spirit spell book, (18% cast speed + 19% attack speed, socketed full MB..Magic Boost) No Godstone on this weapon yet, Have 1 1700 Damage godstone in bank, Waiting to see what i get off the weekly officer kill quest. (1) PVP Tome, Lv60 Fabled 9% PVP Damage Tome merged with tiamation tome, (19% cast speed + 19% attack speed socketed full MB..Magic Boost) 3760 Damage Godstone socketed on this weapon. ------------------------------------------- PVE Set -- 3/5 Eternal Lv60 Primal Spirit Cloth Set 2/5 Fabled Lv55 Cloth ^Socketed full MB ------------------------------------------- PVE Accessories -- (1) Lv60 Fabled Primal Spirit Cloth belt (1) Lv60 Eternal Magic Turquoise Ring (1) Lv60 Fabled Tiamat Guards Ring (1) Lv60 Eternal Kahrun Turquoise Earring (1) Lv60 Fabled Kahrun Turquoise Earring (1) Lv60 Fabled Hidden Manor Turquoise Necklace -------------------------------------------- PVE Weapon -- (1) Lv60 Eternal Sunayaka's Jewel merged with Tiamation Jewel, (20% Cast Speed + 19% Attack Speed, socketed full MB..Magic Boost) Socketed with a 3760 Fire damage godstone. Character has both sets of stigmas, PVP and PVE, I use the PVE set for everything though. Character has 6.8mil kinah and plenty of other stuff both in inventory and bank. Character wins almost every arena everyday, wont take any time to get the rest of the Lv60 Eternal condition 2 PVP set. (1) Plastic Surgery Ticket (42) Legion Coins (24) Mithril Medals (1) Lv60 Fabled Wing Feather of Magic - one of the best sets of wings, only 2 better than it. If you like to PVP and Win, this is the character for you! --------------------------------------------------------- Lv60 Templar - Israphel - Asmo PVP Armor = Full set of Lv50 Fabled 50e socketed accuracy and crit all green manastones. 2nd PVP Set = Partial Lv55 - Lv60 Eternal Crucible Condition 1 armor PVP Weapon = Lv55 Eternal Condition 2 Greatsword, socketed full crit. PVE Accessories = Full Kahrun, 2x Fabled rings, 2x Blue earrings, 1x Blue necklace. PVE armor = Full Lv50 Fabled Fenris socketed accuracy and crit. has around 600k kinah and 1500 courage insignia's Lv60 Chanter - Israphel - Asmo PvP Accessories = Lv55 Eternal ABG 2x Rings, and 2x Earrings. PVP armor = 1 set of Lv55 Eternal crucible armor set Might add more to this later... I'd like to sell this for $500.00 USD --Paypal-- but add me to and offer me or post here >.< Thanks. If you have any further questions or offers feel free to add me to , "Whackedout1" without the "" lol. Or messenger, however messenger is closing on the 14th of December. "[email protected]"
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