WTS: US WTS 7 Emp. Weapon, all jobs 95+, end game account

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    Want to sell my account. Account is end game ready.
    Taru female
    Server transfer is up
    all mission are done
    nearly all atmas including atma of PW
    All flux obtained
    all merit capped
    all jobs 95 and up and gears
    tons of af3+2 at least 15/20 jobs done
    370+ stones / 1 mil cruor
    voidwatch sandy, bastok and windy path are done and on T3 of jeuno. lots of atmacite include 3 dd and one mage atmacite capped at level 15. Fajin boot obtained also.
    7 emp. Weapons are : katana, h2h, GK, gun, bow, sword, and GA. currently working on ochain on stage 2 and twashtar with 8/50 glavoid shell.

    there are too much to list but i have taken a lot of screenshot and posted some on link below. I have more screenshot if you are serious about buying and like more info.

    Account also come with a second account link to the same SE ID. A screenshot of second account is also included in the link below.
    Second account is a hume female with war, nin, brd, rdm, whm and blm 90-99. Blm and whm are 99 with all af3+2 for all jobs leveled. Fully gear and ready to play.

    bid start at 900 and buyout at 1300. Please feel free to ask if you have any question. thanks

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.