WTS: US: [WTB] WoW-ACC with at least 2x85s(one HAS to be pally)

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    Hey guys,
    I'm currently looking for an account with at least 2x 85s

    What prize range?
    80$ - 200$
    It really depends on what the account offers.
    I'm not interested in ANY good ilvl chars nor mounts/achievements

    What chars am I looking for?
    - pally (must have)
    - shaman
    - druid
    - priest
    - mage
    - warrior

    What if I have a pally but other 85s?
    I will take a look at them. I don't hate the other clAsses, but if they are 2 classes I hate I wouldn't buy the acc

    Why am I looking for an acc?
    I moved from eu to US and can't transfer my 4x 85s.
    So I've to sell my acc and get a new one here.

    How serious am I?
    Pretty serious.
    I will provide all information (id, drivers license, etc).
    I'm just a college kid wanting to raid hardcore again (my eu acc has world 100s)
    I don't want any rip-offs like you guys dont want any!

    PM me for MSN/Skype/TS/Vent

    I will most likely ask to chat with you about the acc, wanting to see it ingame plus some insight screens of the acc (proofing its legit+clean)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.