[WTS] [US] WHM90 DNC75 Hume F

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    Selling my WHM mule! I can provide screenshots to serious bidders, otherwise use your imagination! I'm just providing minor details. Server Transfer UP

    Race: Hume F 2A
    Windurst Rank 10
    Zilart - Complete
    CoP - Complete
    ToAU - Testing the Waters
    WotG - Cait Sith
    All 3 Abyssea expansions activated

    Jobs: WHM90 DNC75 BLM45

    Relevant/Notable Gear:
    Surya's Staff +2 ( Cure Potency )
    Incantor Stone
    Hedgehog Bomb
    Genbu's Shield
    Orison Cap +1
    Orison Briault +1
    Orison Mitts +1
    Orison Pantaloons +1
    Noble's Tunic
    Cleric's Duckbills
    Orison Locket
    Orison Cape
    Antivenom Earring
    Astral Earring
    Knightly Earring
    Sirona's Ring
    Serket Ring
    Tamas Ring
    Cuchulain's Mantle
    Charis Seal: Head 6/8
    Charis Seal: Hands 8/8
    Charis Seal: L 8/8
    Charis Seal: Feet 1/8

    Char has 400k on hand and a bunch of other sellables/lowbie gear.
    It's lacking a bit in the atma department, but has 2 lunar abyssites and 178 traverser stones.

    If you'd like more details feel free to PM me. Again, server xferr is up. I'm selling on behalf of the OO.

    Starting Bid: $125 WU ONLY
    at buyer's expense
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.