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    here is a list of jobs and some items that might strike ur fancy
    10,000,000 gil on hand
    75 war/ 95 whm /95 rdm/ pld 46/ bst 95 /rng 90 /nin 37 /smn 27 /pup 16/ sch 10
    mnk 5 /blm 95/ thf 75 /drk 95/ brd 10 sam 25 drg 13 blu 9 dnc 49

    some items - Twilight knife/mail/cloak/belt/torque ... Zoraal Ja's Axe.Glyph axe charmers merlin
    angwig salade bst augment/Hecatomb feet/hands nq/ hecatomb subligar +1(rare)
    Aurum Sabatons Atheling mantle Loquacious earring magnetic Brutal mp rings (serket/bifrost)
    snipers +1 Rajas ring Joyeuse kribell Siege bow Seiryu's Kote Crimson finger gauntlets\scouts af2
    Bucaneers belt..Slyvan Chlamys..Some odius pops.. multiple af+1 gear for rdm such as rdm tights +1
    and warlocks chapeau +1 body etc .. duelist gear such as duelists chapeau and hands etc ..Dalmatica
    Bale choker Ace leggings/hands zenith mitts Hectates earring moldavite Searing Cape Nexus cape
    Hq staffs Vulcan/Pluto/Austers etc....Aces helm Optical Hat Goliard gear some radnom +2 items ..
    Byakkos Haidate Hunters bracers +1 Genbus sheild Walahra turban abyssal earring impulse belt swift belt tavnazian ring Eradico mitts zenith slacks nobles tunic

    Spells are almost complete blm has all spells except sleepga 2 and new ones for new cap
    alot of expesnive ones like Ni Ichi Phalanx etc all complete

    Areas All expansions and add ons as well as access to all areas Bahamut v2

    Ive been playing for 6 years or more all the time and wanna get a good amount back for
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.