WTS: US: [US-PvE] 85 Priest, 85 Warr, 75 Druid - Amazing!

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    I am the original owner . I know the SQA , e-mail , cd-keys (classic+tbc+wotlk) . It is on my name and on my adress also.
    The characters are transferable .If you have any questions u may always PM me or find me on my MSN . The reason i am selling the account : I am in the University and i doubt i will have free time , especialy for games ...
    Pm me for more details.

    Playtime untill 6th March 2011

    Now, to the goodies..

    85 Priest - PvP Disc / PvE Disc:

    - 310% Flying - Honor Capped - 54.5k HKs - 27 Exalted Reps
    - 8780 Achievement Points. Full 346 Heroic blues. Full 352 Bloodthirsty PvP Gear. Viscous Gladiator Weapon
    - All Achievements and mounts are dated to when content was fresh and at the cutting edge.
    - Mounts: White Polar Bear, Rusted Proto-Drake, Plagued Proto-Drake, Both Riding Camels, Swift White Hawkstrider, All PvP Mounts, Albino Drake, Swift Alliance Steed
    - Titles: Ambassador, Bloodsail Admiral, CoTFW, Chef, Elder, Flame Warden, Grand Crusader, Jenkins, Merrymaker, Patron, Starcaller, Twilight Vanq, Ashen Verdict, Nightfall, Argent Champion, Explorer, Kingslayer, Love Fool, Noble, Patient, Pilgrim, Undying.
    - Full Tier 2, Lots of Heirloom Items.
    - ~1600-1700 MMR in 2's, Low/Non Existent MMR in 3/5's

    85 Warrior - PvP Arms / PvE Arms:

    - Full 352 Bloodthirsty PvP Gear, Tol'Barad 2h Sword, 280% Flying, 445 Engi, Low / Non Existent MMR across all 3 Arenas.
    - Kingslayer & Twilight Vanquisher
    - Avg iLvl: 352

    Other Alts
    36 Dwarf Resto / Ele Shaman
    19 Gnome Disc Priest
    10 Orc Assassination Rogue

    Please post before contacting me here. Thanks :>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.