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    Hey all, I'm thinking about selling my accounts since will no longer be playing 11 next billing cycle. I wanted to see what i can get for all 3 since i can't really sell them seperate all real offer's send PM thanks

    1st Account


    85 Verethragna
    Twasters needs Stage 1
    Gandiva NM trials not finished

    Bastok Rank 10
    Race Tarutaru 7B
    Runic Floor Key 100
    Voidwatch T4 Bastok T4 Windy T1 Sandy T1 Zilart
    Gil 5.7mil
    Conquest Points 23,819
    Imperial Standing 13,423
    Allied Notes 69,575
    Curor 336,844
    NPC Holding Seals
    Beastmen seals 32
    Kindred Seals 103
    Kindred Crests 271
    High Kindred crests 75

    Stuff not on screens that were on porter moogle.

    relic ticket
    warrior's mask
    melee crown
    sorcerer's petasos
    sorcerer's coat
    sorcerer's tonban
    sorcerer's sabots
    sorcerer's belt
    duelist's tights
    duelist's belt
    assassin's bonnet
    assassin's vest
    assassin's cape
    valor leggings
    abyss gauntlets
    monster gaiters
    monster belt
    saotome domaru
    saotome koshi-ate
    koga chainmail
    koga sarashi
    summoner's horn
    summoner's bracers
    summoner's cape
    mirage charuqs
    pantin dastanas
    etoile casaque
    etoile bangles
    etoile tights
    etoile cape
    argute gown
    argute loafers

    emp armor & emp accessories ticket
    orison duckbills
    goetia mantle
    creed baudrier
    bale sollerets
    bale choker
    ferine ocreae
    ferine necklace
    aoios cothurnes
    iga kyahan
    iga erimaki
    iga dochugappa
    mavi tathlum
    cirque scarpe
    cirque sash
    charis feather
    goetia earring
    bale earring
    savant earring

    emp +1 ticket
    ravagers mask +1
    orison bliaud +1
    caller's bracers +1
    charis tiara +1
    charis bangles +1

    emp +2 ticket
    ravager's lorica +2
    ravager's mufflers +2
    ravager's cuisses +2
    ravager's calligae +2
    caller's horn +2
    caller's doublet +2
    caller's spats +2
    caller's pigaches +2
    charis casaque +2
    charis tights +2
    charis toeshoes +2


    2nd Account


    85 Almace
    85 Kannagi
    Armageddon needs Stage 1

    Bastok Rank 10
    Race Mithra 6A
    Runic Floor Key 0
    Voidwatch T4 Bastok T4 Windy T4 Sandy T3 Jeuno T1 Zilart
    Gil 4.9mil
    Conquest Points 11,738
    Imperial Standing 1,840
    Allied Notes 3,080
    Curor 82,502
    NPC Holding Seals
    Beastmen seals 13
    Kindred Seals 28
    Kindred Crests 132
    High Kindred crests 113


    3rd Account - PL/Mule Account

    WHM RDM @99

    Bastok Rank 6
    Race Tarutaru 5A
    Runic Floor Key 0
    Gil 113K
    Voidwatch X
    Conquest Points 48,150
    Imperial Standing 8,349
    Allied Notes 4,897
    Curor 961,327
    NPC Holding Seals
    Beastmen seals 38
    Kindred Seals 14
    Kindred Crests 105
    High Kindred crests 35
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