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    I am OO of this account and have played it since 2005. No one else has had access to my account. I have SS of everything on my account. I have never sever transfered. I have a great rep on this sever and I am very well known on it.

    *All OO info. Available - including all books/Disks mailed to you, secret ?/pw, token(activated), all Reg. codes
    *All Expansions
    *All Op warps
    *Windy Rank 8
    *1,314,666 Gil on hand
    *5/9 Abyssea Boss
    *4/6 Abyssea Caturae
    *Allied notes - 76585
    *Imperial Standings - 53691
    *Conquest Points - 248206
    *Cruor - 2,364,536
    *Dominion Notes - 173,429
    *Kindred Seals - 346
    *Beastmen Seals - 1183
    *Battle Trophy (1st-9, 2nd-5, 3rd-8, 4th-9, 5th-20)
    *Full Dynamis Access
    *Nyzul Isle Floor 10

    90 - Blm, Rdm, Sam, Dnc, War, Whm
    80 - Brd, Smn(was used in burn parties only, Smn skill is 229)
    69 - Bst
    56 - Blu
    50 - Pld, Rng, Nin, Cor, Mnk Thf, Drk, Drg
    43 - Pup

    MERITS: (3111/10000 +20 stored)
    8 MP
    5 INT
    8 Sword Skill
    4 Evasion Skill
    4 Shield skill
    4 Parry skill
    8 Enfeebling Skill
    8 Elemental Skill
    4 Spell Interruption rate
    4 Enemy Critical Hit Rate

    5 Berserk, 5 Double attack rate
    5 Warrior's Charge, 1 Tomahawk, 4 Savagery
    5 Ice Potency, 5 Lightning Potency
    5 Freeze II, 5 Burst II
    5 Cure cast time, 5 Regen effect
    1 Devotion, 1 Protecta V, 5 Shellra V
    5 Convert, 5 Ice magic accuracy
    5 Bio III, 5 SlowII
    5 Store TP effect, 5 Meditate Recast
    5 Overwhelm, 3 Shikikoyyo
    5 Minuet, 5 Madrigal
    2 Nightingale, 1 Troubadour
    5 Avatar Physical Attack, 4 Avatar Physical Accuracy
    1 Heavenly Strike, 1 Grand Fall, 1 Wind Blade,
    1 Meteor Strike, 1 Geocrush, 1 Thunderstorm
    5 Step Accuracy, 5 Reverse Flourish
    5 Fan dance, 5 No Foot Rise

    100+ Bonecraft
    60 - Leathercraft
    60 - Woodworking
    60 - Alchmey
    60 - Cooking
    53 - Smithing
    28 - Fishing
    22 - Clothcraft
    17 - Goldsmithing
    13 - Synergy

    Stout Arm
    Voracious Violet
    Cloak and Dagger
    Siren Shadow
    Clawed Butterfly
    Impregnable Tower
    Demoic Skewer
    Minikin Monstrosity
    Murky Miasma
    Brother Wolf
    Acending One
    Smithing Blow
    Lone Wold
    Scarlet Wing
    Crushing Cudgel
    Horned Beast
    (I have most titles that you will need to get some other Atmas except PW and AV)

    I can not seem to get any of my SS for all my gear to upload and post. It keeps giving me errors.(Maybe someone can PM how to do it correctly) If you want them please send me a PM and I will email them to you for your viewing. I really do not want to type out all the gear I have on my account. I still do some playerup and play some, so there might be some small changes with the info. I would like to see what offers I get for my account since I do not really know what it is worth. I am still on the fence about selling it as I do not want to be scammed. I am not in a big hurry to sell but I am willing to let it go for a decent price.
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