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    Nation Mission - Rank 7
    ToAU - Guests of the Empire
    CoP - Dawn (Complete)
    WoTG - Cait Sith (Sandy Path)

    WAR - 90
    BLM - 81
    THF - 92 (TH5)
    DRK - 95
    BST - 81
    BRD - 91
    SAM - 85
    NIN - 72
    DRG - 90
    SMN - 76
    SCH - 91
    DNC - 90
    Bonecraft - 55
    Cooking - 18

    Main is DRK as of right now, 85 Caladbolg ready to go, 14/75 into level 90. Very well WS set formed for Torcleaver. Also sitting on 13/30 Coins of Glory and 1/30 Coin of Advancement

    HP: 6
    MP: 6
    STR: 5
    VIT: 3
    Axe: 4
    Great Axe: 3
    playerup.com: 7
    Summoning Magic: 5
    Crit Rate: 5
    Spell Inturrupt Rate: 5

    Berserk Recast: 5
    Double Attack Rate: 5
    Warrior's Charge: 2
    Savagery: 5

    Feint: 4
    Aura Steal: 1

    Last Resort Recast: 5
    Last Resort Effect: 5
    Diabolic Eye: 5
    Desperate Blows: 5

    Traubadour: 5

    Third Eye Recast: 4
    Meditate Recast: 1

    Jump Recast: 4
    High Jump Recast: 5
    Deep Breathing: 5
    Empathy: 5

    Haste Samba: 5
    Reverse Flourish: 5
    Fan Dance: 5
    No Foot Rise: 5

    Modus Veritas Duration: 5
    Helix Magic Acc/Atk: 5
    Focalization: 5
    Stormsurge: 5

    Here's a list of notable weapons that I have, as well as seals/+2 items. I have a ton of gear, and much in storage. If you have any gear specific questions please send a PM and I will answer in detail. Main jobs and best geared are DRK, WAR, SCH, BRD, THF and DNC.


    Twilight Knife
    Angr Harpe
    Rapidus Sax
    Auric Dagger
    Thief's Knife
    Skeld Sword
    Hannibal's Sword
    Allocade Sword
    Swan Bilbo
    Caladbolg 85

    Doom Tabar (DMG+9 STR+3)
    Doom Tabar (DNG+8 STR+6)
    Vermeil Bhuj
    Byakko's Axe
    Crisis playerup.com
    Gleaming Zaghnal
    Plaga playerup.com
    Vogier's Contus
    Iron Ram Lance
    Fourth Mace
    Rounsey Wand
    Fire Staff
    Aquilo's Staff
    Auster's Staff
    Earth Staff
    Jupiter's Staff
    Water Staff
    Light Staff
    Dark Staff
    Soboro Sukehiro


    Stone of Ardor - 1
    Coin of Ardor - 3
    Stone of Wieldance - 1
    Coin of Vision - 1
    Card of Vision - 2
    Card of Ardor - 1
    Stone of Vision - 6
    Stone of Balance - 1
    Coin of Voyage - 2

    Ravager's Seal: Head - 6
    Raider's Seal: Head - 3
    Ravager's Seal: Body - 2
    Raider's Seal: Body - 2
    Bale's Seal: Body - 3
    Charis's Seal: Body - 1
    Savant's Seal: Body - 5
    Aoidos's Seal: Hands - 4
    Charis's Seal: Hands - 3
    Savant's Seal: Hands - 2
    Ferine's Seal: L - 3
    Aoidos's Seal: L - 4
    Lancer's Seal: L - 3
    Ferine's Seal: Feet - 1
    Lancer's Seal: Feet - 6

    Abyssea Stuff:

    Stones: 72
    Curor: 320k

    Atma of the Lion
    Atma of the Stout Arm
    Atma of Allure
    Atma of the Heavens
    Atma of the Baying Moon
    Atma of the Voracious Violet
    Atma of the Stormbird
    Atma of the Noxious Fang
    Atma of the Stronghold
    Atma of the Harvester
    Atma of the Dunes
    Atma of the Cosmos
    Atma of the Siren Shadow
    Atma of the Impaler
    Atma of the Adamantine
    Atma of Calamity
    Atma of Baleful Bones
    Atma of the Clawed Butterfly
    Atma of the Impregnable Tower
    Atma of the Glutinous Ooze
    Atma of the Gnarled Horn
    Atma of the Strangling Wind
    Atma of the Deep Devourer
    Atma of the Mounted Champion
    Atma of the Razed Ruins
    Atma of the Rapid Reptilian
    Atma of the Winged Enigma
    Atma of the Untoched
    Atma of the Sanguine playerup.com
    Atma of the Tusked Terror
    Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity
    Atma of the Would-Be King
    Atma of the Demonic Lash
    Atma of Apparitions
    Atma of the Murky Miasma
    Atma of the Merciless Matriarch
    Atma of the Ascending One
    Atma of the Smiting Blow
    Atma of the Lone Wolf
    Atma of the Scarlet Wing
    Atma of the Raised Tail
    Atma of the Omnipotent
    Atma of the Frozen Fetters
    Atma of the Plaguebringer
    Atma of the Crushing Cudgel
    Atma of Purgatory
    Atma of Blighted Breath
    Atma of the Solitary One
    Atma of the Sea Daughter
    Atma of the Entwined Serpents
    Atma of Aquatic Ardor
    Atma of the Apocalypse
    Atma of the Kirin
    Atma of the Dragon Rider
    Atma of the Impenetrable
    Atma of Alpha and Omega
    Atma of the Hybrid Beast.

    Please PM only with any questions or price offers. I want to start this at $400 with fees.
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