[WTS] [US] Selling: 90 blu, cor, bst 85 pup

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    New to this site, but trying to sell my account, broke as usual and need to pay the rent. I have been playing since day 1 of the NA release.
    Elvaan Male : Red hair
    Rank 10 Sandy
    Current jobs are:
    90 Bst, cor, blu
    85 pup
    80 Drk
    75 Smn, Thf
    65 Rdm
    45 Nin
    42 War
    40 Sam
    37 Sch, Drg, Whm
    31 Blm

    Capped merits in Blue magic, Capped merits in bst, pup and blu as well.
    I have all of the expansions, including the 3 mini ones. All of the abyssea zones and such.
    For abyssea I have all zones completed and access to Shinryu. Over 3 pages of high end atma and a ton of rare abyssea gear. As for af3 I have +1 for Bst cor pup and blu of the head l and feet. For cor I am 6/9 on the body piece. And many other seals on me as well.

    I have 500k gil on person. Over 250 Traverser stones.

    Most or rather almost all my gear is rare/ex. Raja's ring, Ultiuums ring, Brutal earring, Loq. Earring. Tryfing sword, Glyph axe, Guichards Axe +2, Some AF+1 pieces for bst and cor. And much more.

    Buy out for 155$ is all I'm asking for. I'm paypal Certified and if you need more trust I can talk with you over the phone about the account.

    The account is on Asura and is world Transferable. The account is not currently active since my credit card expired, so it will need to be reactivated as well.


    Again: Selling this for $155 or best offer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.