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    Character Info 1 (Required)
    Jobs and Levels 90RNG/NIN, 88WHM, 75SMN, see picture for rest
    Race Hume F, Blonde haired
    World (Server) Asura with transfer available

    Level 90 Yoichi Bow with a ton of Rare-ex equipment suitable for a level 90 RNG. Plus a Bellona's Ring which can be sold if you choose. In addition it has a pop item for the Hachiryu Pants NM.

    Account Info (Required)
    Account Type: NA
    Are you the original owner I am the original owner, I have CD keys available and all applicable information.
    SE ID attached? There is a SE ID attached and I have all information for that as well.
    Is your account activated? The account is currently active but CC is removed and will expire at the end of the month. There is no outstanding balance or charge backs.

    Purchase Info (Required)
    Minimum bid?: $600.00 or best reasonable offer
    Buy out?: $900.00
    Are you taking best offers?: If they are reasonable.
    How many days is this sale?: Until I sell.
    Preferred payment: Paypal for reputable buyers, WU for unknown users.

    Character Info 2
    Gil on hand?: 300k

    Crafts This account has several crafts. The main relic account has 91 cooking and 69 woodworking which I never finished leveling. There is also a mule attached with 82+ clothcraft, I cannot remember the exact level but I know for sure its above that.

    Conquest Points?:126k
    Rank in Cities?: Windy 10
    Dynamis Status?: Completed all but Tav.

    Zilart: 100% Supp. Earring.
    COP: 100% Raja Ring.

    ToAU: 100% Ranged Ring.
    Imperial Standing?: 40k
    Assault rank?: One below Captain

    WotG Missions?: Mission 38
    Allied notes?: 23k
    Campaign Rank?: Moonlight Medal

    Mini-expansions: All 100% Complete

    The Rest
    In addition to the main account there is a second which is a joint sell since I have the two accounts linked to the same SE ID. One is the main account which has been described above and the other is a fishing/crafting account whose details I will list below.

    The fishing/crafting account has two characters. The one is a level 20MNK with 93fishing and 100+2 bone as listed in the picture below. The other character is 82+ smithing with 58 goldsmithing. (I forgot to get a picture before I deactivated the account, it has other sub crafts but I can't remember.) The crafting/fishing account is located on Carbuncle with server transfer up. I have all the OO info and there has never been any infractions, charge backs or etc.

    PM me if interested.
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