[WTS] [US] PL account 2 accounts same SE ID with 90+ fishing on both PL mule is also great acc!

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    Account Details~
    Hume Male Face - 4 Hair - B
    Transfer is available
    Comes with 500k gil
    Linked to Square enix ID token detached.
    Original owner information available
    CD keys available
    Crafts: Fishing 90, Bonecraft 100

    RotZ - The Sealed Shrine
    CoP - Dawn
    ToAU - The Black Coffin
    Assault -
    Altana -
    C.Prophecy - Ode to Life Bestowing
    M.KupoD'etat - Rescue! A Moogle's Labor of Love
    S.Ascension - Complete

    WAR95 MNK56
    WHM99 BLM95
    RDM95 THF95
    PLD44 DRK85
    BST96 BRD85
    RNG85 SAM86
    NIN50 DRG50
    SMN95 BLU95
    COR85 PUP01
    DNC65 SCH49


    8x HQ Staff
    Artio's Axe
    Glyph Axe
    Yataghan (Crit DMG +6%)
    Yataghan (DMG+8)
    Soboro Sukehiro
    Raider's Boomerang
    Ungur Boomerang
    Pan's Horn
    Hannibal's Sword
    Mavi Tathlum
    Charis Feather
    Genbu's Shield
    Siege Bow

    Zelus Tiara
    Orison Cap +2
    Caller's Horn +2[/color=blue]
    Ravager's Mask +1
    Goetia Petasos +1
    Bale Burgeonet +1
    Aoidos' Calot +1
    Charis Tiara +1
    Estoqueur's Chappel +1
    Raider's Bonnet +1
    Duelist's Chapeau
    Varangian Helm

    Goetia Coat +1
    Orison Bliaud +1
    Estoqueur's Sayon +1
    Caller's Doublet +1
    Facio Bliaut (Cure +10 Refresh +1)
    Alcide's Harness
    Grim Cuirass
    Augur's Jaseran
    Kirin's Osode
    Duelist's Tabard
    Hecatomb Harness

    Orison Mitts +2[/color=blue]
    Raider's Armlets +1
    Bale Gauntlets +1
    Sylvan Glovelettes +1
    Navarch's Gants +1
    Eradico Mitts
    Serpents Cuffs
    Assassin's Armlets

    Orison Pantaloons +2[/color=blue]
    Sylvan Brague +1
    Bale Flanchard +1
    Unkai Haidate +1
    Ferine Quijotes +1
    Raider's Culottes +1
    Ravager's Cuisses +1
    Estoqueur's Fuseau +1

    Ferine Ocreae +1
    Orison Duckbills +1
    Sylvan Bottillions +1
    Navarch's Bottes +1
    Ravager's Calligae +1
    Goetia Sabots +1
    Caller's Pigaches +1
    Duelist's Boots
    Serpentes Sabots
    Homam Gambieras
    Trotter Boots

    Estoqueur's Collar
    Twilight Torque
    Rancor Collar
    Ferine Necklace
    Ire Torque +1
    Orison Locket
    Caller's Pendant
    Morgana's Choker
    Evasion Torque
    Peacock Amulet

    Twilight Belt
    Siegel Sash
    Cascade Belt
    Swift Belt
    Aquiline Belt

    Sylvan Chlamys
    Navarch's Mantle
    Atheling Mantle
    Twilight Cape
    Potentia Cape
    Estoqueur's Cape
    Libeccio Mantle
    Orison Cape
    Umbra Cape
    Boxer's Mantle

    Brutal Earring
    Moldavite Earring
    Hecat'es Earring
    Graiai Earring
    Loquacious Earring
    Delta Earring

    Icesoul Earring
    Neptune's Earring
    Bifrost Ring
    Omega Ring
    Rajas Ring
    Jupiter's Ring
    Evoker's Ring

    Vision Stone x1
    Vision Coin x3
    Ardor Stone x1
    Ardor Coin x6
    Ardor Card x4
    Wieldance Stone x2
    Balance Stone x1
    Balance Jewel x2
    Voyage Stone x1
    Voyage Coin x1
    Voyage Jewel x2

    Also comes with mule on sepeate ID with Fishing 91 and SAM 75

    Bids start @ $200
    Buyout @ $500
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