[WTS] [US] OO 90 blu,80 mnk basic, 72 bard

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    Hey guys account canceled on dec 20th i havent no pics because of this . ive been playing for years so my chars werent abby leveled. blu has af3 +1 head and l , monk has l and shura chest from sky brown belt etc, lots or rare ex , emp hairpin things of that nature, most jobs are 30+ dark is 62, sam 49 nin 43 blk 44 white 33 bard is 72 with all songs and af head and feet, lots of af3 seal for bard when ready, blu has 80% of the proc spells and decent gear. all abby expansions. server transfer up. i am original owner. im getting rid of my account due to my hate for abby which has ruined the game. all my chars are geared decently. nothing spectacular but not poor . char has about 300,000 gil on hand. aprrox 4-5 mill in sellables, 87 cooking and 38 alchemy, also ffxiv is on this account !

    Asking 100 plus you provide mm unless your high rep then i may be willing to go first for you to check it out.

    make offers here
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.