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    Spectacular account that?s ready to play:

    Notable Items:

    ? Level 90 Kogarasumaru (Mythic Great Katana).
    ? Level 90 Yoichinoyumi (Relic Bow).
    ? Level 85 Kannagi (Empyrean Katana).
    ? Level 75 Kikoku+3 (Relic Katana).

    ? Full AF3+2 Samurai, including back and neck accessories
    ? Full AF3+2 Ninja, including back, neck, earring accessories
    ? Full Usukane set.
    ? Level 90 Kokushitsu +2 (OAT Great Katana).
    ? Level 90 Enchu +2 (OAT Katana).

    Other items of note:

    ? Twilight Belt
    ? Twilight Knife
    ? Twilight Helm
    ? Twilight Mail
    ? Kamome
    ? Epona's Ring
    ? Hecate?s Earring
    ? Augmented Byakko's Haidate (STP 4, Crit. Hit Damage +4%)
    ? Augmented Seiryu's Kote (ACC 5, ATT 5, STP 4)
    ? Aethling Mantle
    ? Varangian Helm
    ? Ocelot Gloves
    ? Danzo?s Sune-ate
    ? Heafoc Mitts
    ? Leonine Mask
    ? Magoraga Beads
    ? Twilight Torque
    ? Dark Ring (Phys. dmg. taken -6, Magic dmg. taken -3)
    ? Dark Ring (Phys. dmg. taken -5, Breath dmg. taken -4)
    ? Monarch Orb
    ? Bullwhip Belt
    ? Anguinus Belt
    ? Koga Sarashi
    ? Velocious Belt
    ? Suppa
    ? All useful NIN and SAM AF+1s (Hands, heads, NIN Feet, Koga tekko+1 etc)
    ? Over 500 Kindred Seals and various amounts of beastmen seals, kindred crests and H. Kindred crests
    ? Many more appropriate and useful items (i.e WS items like gorgets, belts, rings). No inventory full of junk and unnecessary garbage, Full 80 capacity inventory, mog locker and sack.

    Character Related:

    ? All expansion missions completed
    ? Access to all in game zones (Dynamis & whatever else you can think of)
    ? All relevant sub lvls completed: 90 NIN 90 SAM 49 WAR 49 RDM DRK DRG RNG, 65 BLU e.t.c
    ? 10/10 NIN & SAM Merits, All relevant Merit categories capped
    ? 90 Cloth craft, 31 leather craft
    ? All relevant weapon skills properly leveled (especially useful for abyssea proc)

    Abyssea related:

    ? All abyssea bosses completed: All caturae & Shinryu
    ? 600+ traverser stones
    ? Over 500k cruor (with a brew in the inventory)
    ? Most useful atmas acquired, including:
    o Apocalypse, Discernment, Razed Ruin, Gnarled Horn, Voracious Violet, Sanguine playerup.com, Minikin Monstrosity, Mounted Champion, Stout Arm, Crushing Cudgel, Smiting Blow and many more.
    ? All abyssites of Sojourn, Celerity, Furtherance, and 5 Merits acquired

    Voidwatch is activated, with lvl 4 stratum abyssite

    This is a superb account, ready to play. Original owner for eight years; Transfer ready. No security token. Zero warnings/bannings/reports.

    Elvaan male model.

    This is to be a full transfer in good faith. Scammers need not apply, so don?t even try. Thorough investigation and exchange of personal information may be necessary. Confirmation that you?ve fully taken over the account will be preferred.
    Interviews on MSN will be available.

    Asking price is 1700.00 USD
    Minimum 1000.00 bids only please.

    Apologies, the other post seemed invalid and I already submitted a ticket.
    Please delete the invalid one, Moderator. Thank you.
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