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    Main Character: Mithra 6b (redhead)

    Bastok 1 / Sandy 10 / Windy 10
    Zilart Finished
    Promathia Finished
    ToAU Teahouse Tumult
    Assault Superior Private
    Altana In the Name of the Father
    Campaign Sterling Star
    C.Prophecy Finished
    M.KupoD'etat Lender Beware! Read the Fine Print
    S.Ascension That Which Curdles Blood


    Smithing 26
    Clothcraft 80
    Alchemy 54
    Woodworking 32
    Goldsmithing 52
    Leathercrafting 7
    Bonecraft 25
    Cooking 60
    Fishing 2
    Synergy 9


    WAR 26 MNK 87
    WHM 86 BLM 72
    RDM 90 THF 89
    PLD 9 DRK 1
    BST 23 BRD 24
    RNG 18 SAM 54
    NIN 45 DRG 25
    SMN 78 BLU 55
    COR 25 PUP 4
    SCH 27 DNC 90


    All Crystals. All Keys. All Maws. All Dynamis.
    5/9 Abyssea Bosses - Konschtat, La Theine, Vunkerl, Misareaux, Attohwa
    2/6 Caturae - Misareaux / Iratham


    517,936 Gil
    258,027 Conquest Points
    193,426 Cruor
    350+ Travelers Stones

    There is plenty of other stuff that has pretty much filled my storage. Including but not limited to Gear and Craft Materials:
    Kila+2 (Agi+9/EVA+20)
    Dakini (Trial 33) (Dex+2/Acc+3)
    Aurore Set
    Hannibal Sword
    Rokugo Hachimaki
    Shaman's Cloak
    Carb Mitts
    Darksteel+1 Set
    Denali Set (minus Bonnet)
    Rabbit Charm
    Homam Helmet
    Royal Cloak
    Soboro Sukehimo
    Mirke Wardecore w/ Acc+10 , Double Atk+2
    Ochiudo's Kote
    Leaping Boots
    Moldavile Earring
    HQ Elemental Staff Set
    Nifty Mantle
    AF for DNC, THF, RDM, some BLM, MNK and other jobs.
    AF2 pieces
    AF3 sets for DNC, THF, RDM, and WHM. NQ with +1 dnc pants and +1 thf shoes.
    # of seals for above AF3s just not the needed amount.
    Random AF from Dynamis. Almost all of DNC, some of thf, blu, sch, and others.
    Several Relic Weapons (Locked)
    All storages (Mog safe, storage, etc) are capped. Since I removed token Mog Satchel is still active but cannot be advanced if SE decides to enhance them more.


    Alpha and Omega
    Full Moon
    Minikin Monstrosity
    Razed Ruins
    Mounted Champion
    Clawed Butterly
    Voracious Violet
    Baying Moon
    Stout Arm


    Notes about Account:
    There are two other characters.
    Elvvan Male with 76 SAM, 37 DNC, and 40 WAR.
    Mithra Mule with random gear such as kungfu shoes, Horomusha Kote, Aqua Ring. Several Kingdom Staffs too.

    All three characters are sitting on 10 mog bonaza marbles. Never know one of them might be worth something!

    KeyCodes: Will need to look for them but up to the moment not guaranteeing.

    Current Offer: 200$ to chickenpickles
    Buyout set at 360$.

    Any questions feel free to PM me. I am friendly and don't bite!
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