[WTS] [US] Mithra Kannagi 11x90 Many AF3+2 and Crafts

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    Some information before I start. I purchased this account from this site about 6 months ago. I wasn't given the POL E-Mail password, but I don't know if that matters now. I also wasn't given the secuirty question and answer for changing the registered E-Mail in the SE Account. The account has been or is in the process of being transferred to a SE account. At the Select/Delet character screen there is a security token icon there, I don't remember if it's always been there, but in the SE account is says one isn't registered. The account also does not has the Shantotto and Kupo d'Etat expansions.


    Race: Mithra
    Nation: San d'Oria Rank 10
    Original Owner: No
    Keys: Not Available
    Zilart: Done (Suppa)
    CoP: Done (Rajas)
    ToAU: Done (Jalzahn's)
    WotG: Crossroads of Time
    Transfer: Ready
    Gil: 475k
    Cruor: 92k
    Traverser Stones 14 (Sorry!)
    Voidwatch: Started and stones accumilating


    75 PLD, BST, BLU, 59 DRG, 53 SMN, 47 DNC, 4 MNK, 1 SCH, NO PUP


    HP 6, MP 6
    STR 5, AGI 3
    Dagger 8, Katana 8, Archer 8, Evasion 4, Parry 4
    Healing 3, Enfeeb 8, Elemental 8, Ninjutsu 5,
    Crit Hit 5, Enemy Crit Hit 3, Spell Interrupt 2
    WAR-Berserk 5, DA 5, War Charge 5, Tomahawk 5
    WHM-Cure Cast 5, Barspell 5, Devotion 1, Protectra 4, Shellra 5
    BLM-Ice 5, Lightning 5, Freeze II 3, Burst II 3, Rest AM 1
    RDM-Ice 3, Wind 4, Earth 3, Slow II 3, Paralyze II 4, Blind II 3
    THF-Sneak Attack 3, Triple Attack 5, Assn Charge 4, Feint 5, Aura Steal 1
    DRK-Last Resort Recast/Effect 5, Dark Seal 2, Muted Soul 3, Desperate Blows 5
    BRD-Minuet 5, Madrigal 5, Nightingale 5, Troubadour 5
    RNG-Unlimited 5, Rapid Shot 5, Flasy 5, Snapshot 5
    SAM-Store TP 5, Meditate 5, Shikikoyo 1, Ikishoten, Overwhelm 5
    NIN-Subtle Blow 5, Tool Expertise 5
    COR- Quick Draw Recast/Accuracy 5, Snake Eye 1, Fold 1, Winning Streak 5

    Other Gear:

    Twilight Knife/Belt
    Kirin;s Osode
    Schutzen Mittens
    Maoraga Beads
    BQ Ring
    Vision Bow
    Ace's Leggings
    Hecatomb Hands/Feet +1
    AF3 Armors: NIN Back/Neck, DRK Neck, RNG Back, RDM Ear,
    WHM Ear/Back, BLM Back, BLU Ear, COR Ear
    Uther's Grip
    Twilight playerup.com
    Bonecraft Apron/Head
    Leather Apron/Gloves
    Hecate's Earring
    Kila +2 x2 (Agi/Eva)
    Aias Bonnet

    Other AF3+1

    COR L/Head/Hands/Feet/10 Body Seals
    SMN Head/8 Body Seal/7 Feet Seals
    MNK Hands/L/8 Body Seals
    PLD Hands/L/8 Body Seals/8 Feet Seals
    PUP Feet/8 Hand Seals/9 Body Seals
    DRK Head/Hands/L/7 Body Seals
    BST 10 body Seals/7 Head and Hand Seals/8 Leg Seals
    BLU 10 Body Seals/7 Hand Seals
    DNC 10 Body Seals/8 Hand Seals


    1/3 Avarice
    3/3 Celerity
    3/3 Destiny
    3/3 Fortune
    2/3 Furtherance
    5/6 Merit
    2/3 Reaper
    3/6 Soujourn


    Allure, VV, RR, Cloak and Dagger, Beyond, Ultimate, Gales, GH, MC, , Apoc and many more

    As far as starting bid or buyout, I'm really open to any reasonable offers. I'd just like to get some money back from this. Let's say starting bid $300? Paypal or WU preferred.
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