[WTS] [US] Mithra 93 Fishing/ 100+2 Bonecraft- Rdm/Blm/Smn 90 Brd 86 Rng 85 Cor 82

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    Please feel free to message me with any questions.

    Race: Mithra - Face 6B
    Nation: Windurst Rank 10
    Server Transfer: Available
    Original Owner: Yes
    CD Keys: Lost the Book and Key for Zilart, But I have the rest from COP on. And I am the only person to ever have the info for this account!
    All Expansions: Yes
    Satchel: Yes/ Token Unlinked
    RDM/BLM/SMN @90 BRD 86/RNG 85/COR 82/ DNC 73
    All Avatars/ Spells/ Ect.
    Mule: Taru M- Face 7A BRD/RNG/NIN @ 75

    Crafts on Main: Fishing 93- Sea Serpent Rumors/Lu Shang's Fishing Rod/ Fisherman's Smock/ Net And Lure
    Clothcraft 57- Magnifying Spectacles
    Crafts on Taru Mule: Bonecraft 100+2- Boneworkers Apron/ Protective Spectacles

    Gil on-hand: 2,000,000
    Sellables: 6,000,000+
    Abyssea Cruor: 200,000

    COP- Complete: Tamas Ring
    TOAU- Complete: Balrahn's Ring
    Abyssea missions- Complete
    WOTG: In the Name of the Father
    Mini Expansions: All Finished/ Nexus Cape
    Tons of Atmas
    Dynamis-Tav access
    Shinryu- O

    Merit Points
    - 4/4
    - INT 8/8
    Combat Skills
    - Marksmanship 8/8
    - Dagger 7/8
    - Archery 5/8
    Magic Skills
    - Enfeebling Magic 8/8
    - Elemental Magic 8/8
    - Summoning Magic 8/8
    - Enmity Decrease 2/5
    - Spell Interruption Rate 4/5
    Black Mage
    - Ice Magic Potency 5/5
    - Lightning Magic Potency 5/5
    - Freeze II 5/5
    - Burst II 5/5
    - Avatar Phy Acc 3/5
    - Avatar Phy Att 2/5
    - Avatar Mag Acc 1/5
    - Avatar Mag Att 4/5
    - Heavenly Strike 5/5
    - Wind Blade 5/5
    Red Mage
    - Ice Mag Acc 3/5
    - Wind MAg Acc 4/5
    - Slow 2 5/5
    - Bio 3 5/5

    Vayu's Staff +2/ Soulscourge/ Shareeravadi +2/ Varuna's Staff +2/ HQ Staves/ Dalmatica/ Serpentes Cuffs-Sabots/ Auger's Jaseran/ Callers Pigachess +2/ Goetia Petasos +2/ Sylvan Bragues +2/ Hope Torque/ Crooner's Cithara/ Stearc Subligar w/ Reresh +1/ Novio Earring/ Twilight Belt/ Twilight Torque/ Summoner Earring/ Caller's Pendant/ Witch Sash/ Echo Cape/ Musical Earring/ Hunter Bracers +1/ Hermes Sandals/
    Caller's Doublet +2/ Caller's Horn +1/ Goetia Chausses +1/ Estoqueur's Fuseau +1/ Aoidos' Rhingrave +1/ Sylvan Bragues +2/ Caller's Spats +1/ Goetia Sabots +1/ Royal Redingote/ Pluviale/ Avocat Pigaches/ Oracle's Pigaches/ Enkidu's Leggings/ Hermes' Sandals/ Theurgia Clogs/ Gules Leggings +1/ Commodore Tricorne/ Mirror Tiara/ Shunten Hachimaki/ Echo Cape/ Nexus Cape/ Hecate's Cape/ Libeccio Mantle/ Mesmeric Cape/ Tiresias' Cape/ Goetia Chain/ Arctier's Torque/ Caller's Pendant/ Twilight Torque/ Karka Ring/ Icesoul Ring/ Volley Earring/ Gifted Earring/ Cognition Belt/ Aristo Belt/ Austerity Belt/ Eradico Mitts/ Goetia Mantle/ Hedgehog Bomb/ Lots more Rare/ex, Sellables, and +1 AF3

    Bids start at $500 USD

    PayPal only please, buyer pays for .

    Please message me if you have any questions or if you want Screenshots.

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